By Rosie Moore

Our “gem” Ruby Miller of the S & S Bowling Lanes in Fountain City turned 100 years old on January 30. A remarkable day to remember both then and now.

I asked her how did she like being 100 and she said wonderful! She has a slight hearing problem but her mind is as sharp as ever. She also has some problems with vision but she managed to get a strike many times when she threw that ball.

I met Ruby many years ago and many a time she told me what not to do and how to do something the proper way. A wonderful friend who was an avid bowler for many years, in fact, she bowled when in her nineties until she fell and broke her hip a few years ago. Her bowling days are over but her indomitable spirit remains.

She is blessed with one daughter, two granddaughters, four great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild with one on the way (I hope that is correct).

There are now more Americans over age 100 and they’re living longer than ever. This figure is ascertained by improvements in vaccines, antibiotics, hygiene, and sanitation. It appears that geriatrics’ minds give out before their bodies do. By 2014, 72,197 were more aware of their health.  For instance, Susannah Mushatt Jones, from Brooklyn, was one of the world’s oldest residents, aged 116.  She passed away May 12, 2016. She attributed her longevity to not drinking, smoking or partying. She was fond of bacon and ate it nearly every morning.

I am so glad Ruby is my friend.  God bless you, Ruby.

Thought for the day: Cheerfulness is the best promotion of health and is as friendly to the mind as to the body.    Jose Addison, English poet and playwright.

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