By Dr. Jim Ferguson

I used to say that by the time I woke up, took a shower and drank a cup of coffee, that would be the best I’d be all day long – and it was downhill from there. It’s still true, but it takes longer to get going these days, because I often find that when I wake up, I’m running on empty.

Entropy is a fundamental principle of physics and of the universe. Basically, it says all energy systems run down. An example is a spinning top. You can impart or transfer energy to the top by winding it up, but as it spins it loses energy, winding down to eventually fall over.

I believe spirituality, like all other systems, is subject to entropy. Though I frequently stop and reconnect with God during the day, I’ve found that I need to fill up each morning with the Word or I’ll run out of gas by day’s end. I’ve often wondered how people function or survive without a “sense of the sacred.” Substituting man’s paltry power, the prestige of others or money for the Sacred is woefully inadequate.

I wrote an essay some months ago entitled “Claiming Peace.” As typical of my essays, several seemingly diverse issues were woven together around a central theme. The theme was transferring my anxiety about the destruction of our country to a trust in the Master. I admit this remains a struggle for me with the latest revelations of Hillary Clinton’s (HRC) “brazen” email scheme which jeopardized our Nation’s security. HRC’s excuse was she didn’t know that “c” stood for classified and could not answer more than thirty FBI questions because she couldn’t “remember.” Perhaps her concussion and blood clot in her brain have affected her memory and judgement. Or maybe she’s just lying again. Martha Stewart went to jail, General Petraeus was disgraced, but HRC was given a pass by the Beltway Boys who even control the FBI and Director Comey. So, I woke up yesterday mad as hell rather than just sad that fellow citizens continue to be duped by the woman the New York Times called a “congenital liar.”

I often pray for HRC; she needs it. In fact, prayer and the Master are the only things that can save her from herself. I’ve calmed down from the revelations of her “pay for play” scheme at the State Department where money was donated to her family’s foundation in exchange for access to the hallways of American governmental power.

I actually pity HRC’s maniacal pursuit of power because thirty years as a government figure has been one of repeated failure. Examples include an inability to pass “Hillary Care” (medical) during her husband’s presidency and supporting the Iraq war as a New York Senator. As Secretary of State the “Russian Reset” and the overthrow of Gaddafi with the resulting Libyan civil war were disastrous. And the infamous Benghazi disaster with more lying to the American people does matter, Mrs. Clinton.

Folks, we are in trouble. Career politicians are what has gotten us into this mess. There is a striking difference between Trump’s populist message, his energy, his demeanor and HRC’s. Yes, I wish Trump were less controversial, but his words pale by comparison to the harmful actions of Hillary Clinton. He’s a street fighter and such battles are never civil.

Trump seeks the Presidency under the banner of the Republican party, but he is no more a classical Republican than HRC is a Democrat. There aren’t many Kennedy Democrats still alive, and these days “Democrats” like Obama and Hillary Clinton actually identify themselves as “modern Progressives.” The modern Progressive movement is best conceptualized as “progressive” liberalism and is a far cry from the cutesy Flo on TV all dressed in white.

Trump is actually a reflection of the anger in our country. Many now support Trump because he is not a politician, he has run successful businesses and we are opposed to HRC and the modern liberal Progressive philosophy of big government and entitlements. We are fed up with the tyranny of tolerance that forces compliance of thought through political correctness which now reigns on university campuses where free thought and debate are being replaced by “safe zones,” lest our students hear something upsetting. We believe all lives matter and not just Black Lives Matter. We oppose HRC and the abortion cabal’s position that babies before birth are merely fetuses without rights.

We also object to the lowly state of our country exemplified by Obama’s latest “disrespect tour” promulgated by the Chinese, Russians and even the uncouth Philippine President. We object to the disrespect of our national anthem, our flag, the police and Christianity. The policies of Obama and his lackey Hillary Clinton have brought us to a place where too many tolerate anti-American perspectives, and where “Our (international) friends no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us.”

The experts just can’t understand the Trump phenomena. Trump persevered over a spate of the “most qualified Republican Presidential candidate field” in decades primarily because he pointed out that a country without borders is not a country. Pompey and ancient Rome hated the upstart general, Julius Caesar. Trump is similarly hated by the alphabet media (ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN), academia, Hollywood, Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons, anarchists like George Soros and the Black Lives Matter activists, the ruling class in Washington, RINOs like John McCain, European elites in Brussels and illegal (not legal) immigrants. With this bunch arrayed against the underdog Trump, how could I not support him given the alternative?

As a student of the Bible and history I’ve wondered what it would be like to live in a conquered land such as the Hebrews during Jesus’ time. I’ve begun to see America as under the foot of progressive ideologues like Obama and crooked reprobates like Hillary Clinton who exist above the law we citizens obey.

And then along comes an alternative. Not a smooth talking, unctuous, life long politician of the ruling class, but a bold and accomplished street fighter in the likeness of a Julius Caesar who scares the hell out of those listed above who express their “principled” and feigned indignation with his rhetoric.

Trump recently asked black Americans to give him a chance; what do they have to lose? The Democrat policies of the last fifty years have nearly destroyed this once proud community. I say to everyone who waffles with “sensitive” ears, choose a path toward freedom rather than one of further enslavement on the government plantation. You have everything to lose.