2nd Chronicles 7:14

(Some will recognize this Spiritual truth, but if you need a refresher, I challenge you to look it up and reflect.)

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Last week patriotic Americans lived to fight another day. The war to save our country will continue, but a battle was won when the Supremes ruled 9-0 against Colorado’s attempt to remove President Trump from the ballot.

It should have been a foregone conclusion because Trump was never charged nor convicted of insurrection on January 6. So how could the post-Civil War prohibition against insurrectionists running for office apply? Perhaps SCOTUS learned from the infamous Dred Scott case of 1857 which led to the American Civil War. I’m not a lawyer, nor am I able to plumb the mind of a Washington bureaucrat. But, I suspect the Supremes just wanted to avoid a similar mistake and therefore followed the Constitution.

Democrats scream about threats to democracy, but it is Democrats who are threatening democracy everywhere. Remember when Chuck Schumer stood on the Supreme Court’s steps and threatened the Supremes, saying they would unleash a hurricane if they overturned Roe v. Wade? And recall that New York changed the statute of limitations enabling gold diggers to sue President Trump. New York’s District Attorney Letitia James and creepy “Judge” Engoron convicted Trump of fraud with a statute that has never been used and where there were no victims. I read the other day that Trump is the actual victim of 91 dubious political indictments. This is weaponization of the justice system known as law-fare and rational people see it.

Super Tuesday is over and President Trump won all the races except Vermont, where Democrats can cross over and vote in the Republican election. Trump also lost Washington, D.C., to Nikki Haley. My only surprise was to find that actual Republicans were living in the swamp.

Trump will be the Republican nominee for president. Even Haley conceded this and suspended her protest campaign funded by Democrats and Trump haters. I wonder if there is a difference?

I was not surprised that our recent election confirmed that Tennessee remains Trump country. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our Volunteer State ranks number one in election integrity among the 50 states. To vote, a valid photo identity is required, my address was checked and my signature was required. And the nice lady who verified my credentials recognized me! She reads my column in The Focus and recognized me from my picture. It’s always great to meet readers. It is useless to be a writer if no one reads your work. Writers yearn to be read.

To paraphrase Democrat consigliere, James Carville, “It’s the border stupid,” rather than his iconic reference to the economy during the Clinton years. Biden’s open border policy with resultant crime, drugs and human trafficking is an unmitigated disaster. His foreign policy failures like the Afghanistan withdrawal and his economic policy failures of inflation produced by printing money pale by comparison.

The “world” has invaded America. Dozens of nationalities are among the illegal aliens swarming the border and now walking the streets of America. Sanctuary cities like NYC, Chicago and other big cities have angered their citizens. But the onslaught is hastening the decline of cities everywhere. Sanctuary cities are now crying for help, but we all are suffering because the Biden administration has flown and bussed illegals all over the country, including our state. In fact, Chattanooga was one of the 43 airports where Biden’s administration flew illegals. Maybe I should claim sanctuary for my home, neighborhood, town and state to prevent its destruction by the Democrat progressives who manage the old coot.

Several years ago, while driving our grandson home from preschool, Becky asked him about his day. Eventually, he became frustrated and told her he couldn’t remember what happened earlier, saying, “BB I can only do now.”

How true. I don’t dwell on the past either, perhaps because I can’t do anything about it. Even an apology is of the present moment, offered as atonement for a past mistake. And hopefully, we learn to avoid future mistakes.

The Oxford Don and Christian apologist C. S. Lewis held that God exists out of space and time. Logically, since there is a creation there must have been a Creative force to orchestrate our universe. This makes infinitely more sense than the notion that the universe emanated from a quantum flux of some proto-reality, imagined as foam-like bubbles in a tub. That’s possible, but I side with Aristotle who said that something does not come from nothing. We moderns call this causality. I’m here because of my parents and they existed because of their parents and so on back to the beginning of everything. We imagine the beginning as the Big Bang, but I go even further back to the first cause of everything: God.

I was reminded of how quickly humans forget the past when I read an article by Connie Beard regarding the Trump administration’s accomplishments. If you’re interested you can Google the article, but here are a few of Beard’s 121 accomplishments of the Trump Administration:

During President Trump’s administration, America became the largest producer of fossil fuels which drives the engine of the world. Fossil fuels produce 80% of the world’s energy and without energy, civilization ceases.

African-American, Hispanic and Asian unemployment reached all-time lows. Women and youth unemployment were at 65 and 50 year lows.

Understandably, poverty rates plummeted.

Trump’s remain-in-Mexico policy worked.

The Abraham Accord was driving peace in the Middle East.

Inflation was a fraction of what it is under Biden.

In other words, the economy was better, inflation was under control, people were working, the border was under control and peace was breaking out.

And then Covid hit, followed by a corrupted mail-in ballot process, capped off by Biden’s presidency which rescinded Trump’s policies and led to the current disaster.

I know I harp on these points, but unfortunately, we forget the prosperity, pride and peace we had four years ago. I say, bring back the successful president and the policies that worked.