By Ralphine Major

“When I spotted the wreck on the interstate, I hit my brakes and backed up as close as possible to the truck—still about 30 yards away. Larry and I both jumped out and ran to the wreck. The truck was tilted on its side with the driver’s side closer to the ground and passenger side higher in the air. You could not have opened Mike’s door, as he would have fallen out due to the way the truck was tilted. I ran around to get Barbara out; and once I did that, I climbed in with Mike. While I’m doing that, Larry is praying for Mike from the outside of his window,” Don Hughes said as he shared the events of that fall evening when he and Larry Stinnett stopped to help Mike and Barbara Cruze in their hour of need.

Don tried to pry Mike’s hands from the steering wheel. “Mike was unconscious and perspiring profusely,” he added. At one point, Don felt Mike was dying and screamed, “Hang on!” as he cried out to God.

Mike woke up briefly and asked, “Who are you?”

“We’re here to help,” Don assured him as he and Larry continued to pray. Several minutes went by, and then the ambulance arrived. “We’re leaving now,” Don told Barbara as the emergency medical team prepared Mike for transport. For a second time in the midst of their crisis, Barbara showed presence of mind. This time, it was to find out who had stopped to show kindness.

“What is your name?” Barbara asked one of the men.

“Don,” he replied.

“What is your last name?” she asked him.

“Hughes,” he answered. Then, the two prayer warriors walked back to their car. (To be continued)