“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

Winston Churchill

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Each spring I welcome the special color of green suffused with a hint of yellow (read Robert Frost’s beautiful poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”). And each fall I revel in the brilliant yellows of hickory trees surrounding my house. When asked by grandchildren my favorite color, I say, “green…no, purple or maybe blue…” However, perhaps I should reconsider yellow, the tint of our sun and the color of pollen designed to attract bees for cross pollination.

We humans see color within a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Light can be broken down into various colors by a prism or by raindrops which produce a rainbow of colors. As kids we learned the acronym Roy G Biv (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Now I’ve passed this color mnemonic to my grans.

Sight, like most other things, is too often taken for granted, until it dims or, heaven forbid, is lost. It would be awful to miss fall’s colors as yellows turn orange, then auburn and finally brown.

I’m weary from preaching the dangers of Democrat/socialism. Trump is indefatigable – I love that word. I see him barnstorming across the country in the week before the American Armageddon. He’s leaving nothing on the table, so neither can I. All the while, Biden mostly rests in his basement or occasionally ventures out to talk in circles or take a few softball questions from sycophant reporters. Virtually all the so-called media continue to overlook the elephant in the room – Biden’s scandalous business dealings with a subsidiary of the Chinese government.

As you read this column, the “die is cast,” to quote Julius Caesar. In 49 BC he crossed the Rubicon river in northern Italy which started a Civil War in ancient Rome.

We are also at war with ourselves. Ordinarily, our election would be over by the time you read this essay, but in the warped reality we now inhabit, you should prepare for a continuation of the conflict. I predict a month of voting fraud worse than the “dangling chads” of 2000, and then a Christmas season of lawsuits. Even when a winner is ultimately determined, you should expect riots, tyranny or both. The citizens of ancient Rome finally gave up their republic and demanded a dictator to stop murderous street warfare. God, help us!

I hope I’m wrong. I hope the media and political apparatchik’s demands for us to see their polls as legitimate are just illusions and the latest iterations of the Big Lie. I know our war cannot end until there is a clear winner, acknowledged by the loser. However, it wasn’t over in 2016 with Trump’s landslide Electoral College victory. The Deep State, Democrats and leftists launched their coup d’état. And just as in the aftermath of the American Civil War, it will take generations to repair the damage to our society – if that is even possible. The sides are too far apart. The US Senate may project a facade of civility, but it is a ruse as disingenuous as Adam Schiff’s Russians. In the real world, I see friends, families and churches torn asunder. Many are separating over political “irreconcilable differences.”

I’ve previously written about the 1991 book “Generations, The History of America’s Future” by Strauss and Howe. I was intrigued by the title and found it a thought-provoking book. The authors predicted America would face an external crisis beginning in 2014 which would peak by 2020. These researchers based their predictions on recurring cycles in American history over the last 300 years.

I see the rising threat of China, culminating with the 2020 Wuhan coronavirus pandemic as the external threat to America predicted in “Generations.”  Halloween spooks don’t scare me. America-hating leftists, politicians in thrall to our enemies, utter corruption of the media and the animus of fellow citizens terrify me.

Our people once had common values and aspirations. We once agreed on The Constitution’s rule of law, the freedom of worship and speech and the desire to make our children’s lives better. We might have differed in the amount of government necessary to Make America Great, but now this slogan is rejected by at least a third of our citizenry. We are not a perfect people. We have made mistakes and have taken corrective actions. Yet we remain the “last best hope of Earth.”

I have not seen the play “Hamilton” which was the rage of theatre until COVID-19. The musical depicts the story of America’s founding. I don’t doubt the wonderful reviews. I did object to the actors’ discourtesy toward Vice President Pence. However, I was stunned to learn that all the actors were Black except the actor who played King George of England. Isn’t it curious that we just accept the politically correct alternative reality of the play depicting George Washington, Jefferson and Hamilton as Black? Why is this not blatantly racist? But you must understand that according to the left and its political stooges, a minority cannot be racist. Perhaps the play should be included in the NY Times alternative reality of its bogus 1619 Project.

I am not able to see into the future like Strauss and Howe. I don’t know how the election will turn out. I see the support for President Trump. I see the impaired Joe Biden. I see why China prefers his Trojan Horse candidacy, as does the Democrat media, academia, antifa, BLM, Washington DC, the Deep State and the crony capitalists of Silicon Valley and Wall Street.

I have never missed voting since I was eighteen years old, and I’ve always voted in person on election day. For the first time, Becky and I decided to vote early in case we were killed in a car wreck. The gravity of the situation demanded this. I believe your vote should transcend any consideration of peevishness over personality or style.

“America is on the ballot.” Becky and I are terrified of the leftist revolution and losing our country. You should be as well.