Sliding… into Christmas!

By Ralphine Major

What animal can hold a child’s attention better than a mischievous, cunning penguin?  Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, is such a penguin!  The adorable, tuxedo-dressed animal can steal your heart.  An entire series of books takes readers on adventures with Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, from Hawaii to the North Pole and from the Lone Star State to our beloved Great Smoky Mountains!

Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, books are suitable for all ages.  They are great for baby showers.  They are perfect for children learning to read.  Even college students have been known to come to our book signings because they like penguins!  And, ninety-year-olds are fascinated by the tongue-twisting name of the widdle penguin.  Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, books emphasize kindness, caring, and sharing.  While a trace of education is woven into the pages, these books can bring lots of smiles and laughter to little ones.  If you do not know of a child who would enjoy Piddle Diddle books, consider purchasing books for missions, underprivileged children, or for anyone who loves penguins!  We regularly send shipments of books purchased by kindhearted donors throughout the year to sick and abused children.  The series includes: “Piddle Diddle’s Lost Hat” — “Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, Goes to Hawaii” — “Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, and the Texas Longhorns” — “Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, and the Birthday Drone” — and “Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, and the Synchronous Fireflies of the Great Smoky Mountains.”

Books may be purchased individually or, for even more fun reading, all five in a set!  Add Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, books to your gift list and bring smiles and laughter to your favorite boy or girl!  Visit or call 423-926-9983 to order yours today.  Autographed copies are available at or 865-679-2917.


Words of Faith found in Luke 2:7 (KJV): “And she brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.”