By Ralphine Major

It is often said that mothers are the fabric that hold our homes together.  That certainly seems the case in the Julian household.  Not only is Hannah Renee a sister to her siblings, she became the mother figure to them also when they came to live in her home after their father’s death.  Brian and Hannah Renee must be so proud of all the children in their family.  I believe Rhonda would be proud of the whole family for the love and support they have given to each other.

I am humbled and blessed whenever I think of the Julians and their sweet spirit.  A recent family picture tells their story best with smiles and happy faces.  Hannah Renee’s inspiring comment bears repeating:  “It reminds us all over again how tenderly God has held us all.”

Our day was made more special when we got to see Hannah Grace, now a lovely young lady, at our church recently.  She was visiting with her Aunt Laura’s family after both families had vacationed together at the beach.