Summer is not cooperating


By Joe Rector

As usual, I’ve looked forward to summer since the first day of fall. The warmer days and longer nights just make me feel more alive, younger. Anything that can turn me that delusional usually is illegal, but summer weather is just the best. Of course, bad stuff has a way of ruining the fun.

This spring, what I call early summer, has been marred by too much rain. At the same time, tornadoes have cut deadly trails through cities in “Tornado Alley” and the usual places, but at the same time, twisters also have hit in the northeast and even in atypical places like California. My work schedule at the golf course has been goofed up as well. Some days, I’ve driven to the course and arrived by 5:30 a.m., only to be sent home when the rain begins before I hop on the mower. On too many other days, the downpours held off until I was at the farthest point from the shop. By the time I reached a dry place, everything I had on was as wet as a bathing suit.

Our pool opened late this year due to the cool weather. To my surprise, the weather has made the water feel the same temperature as that in the mountain streams. On a couple of occasions, I’ve “manned up” enough to take the plunge. The water felt fine after my lips turned blue and the feelings left my feet and hands. The mid-80s are preferable for most of us old guys to swim, but I prefer the 90s on the days I swim.

Amy and I spent a few days in Houston. Our “adopted son” Josh Fritts has lived there for 18 years with his wife and two children. This was our first trip to see them, we had a good time. The worst part was driving from the airport and across downtown Houston to Josh’s home 40 miles away. The Houston Airport is a construction mess and a security checkpoint nightmare. Arriving home was a relief.

The worst event so far this summer has been my third bout of Covid. It hit like a ton of bricks. The chills were so bad that my muscles were sore from the shivering and shaking. They hit a couple of times, but the elevated temperatures were the worst of all. I kept a temperature of about 102, and on one occasion the number reached 104. Most people remember the worst part of Covid is the tiredness that sets in and stays for days. I’m still working through that and hope to have enough energy to return to Planet Fitness next week.

I still am a fan of summer. The weather predictions are for the 90s in the coming days. I won’t have to wear a jacket to work for a while, and I can refresh myself with a quick swim. As for illnesses, I hope no others decide to visit; I’d like to take a few day trips with Amy and our dog Sadie. I sure don’t mind sweating; in fact, I prefer sweating over cold hands and feet any time. I want to take advantage of every day of summer.