By Joe Rector

Barbara Bush passed away recently at the age of 92. She had a full, wonderful life that included a few years as First Lady of the U.S. She also had a son who later became president. A second son was governor of Florida. Her husband was with her when she died, and her family now grieves for her, even though she’d had a long and full life. The fact is that our mommas are the individuals who mean most to us in this life.
Dads, don’t despair. Our children love us completely as well. They look to us for protection against the scary things under the bed; we’re the ones who serve as bucking bronco rides in the living room floor in the evenings. Our sons look to us as the role models for their lives. If something breaks, it is we dads who put the item back together with glue and duct tape.
Still, the moms of this world are the folks who make life all right. When we were small, moms took care of us when colds, earaches, or stomachaches attacked. They administered doses of medicine and supplemented them with long hugs. Soothing hands rubbed our backs or heads, and laps provided comfortable places to ease the throbbing in our heads.
Mothers are the ones we went to when problems in school arose. Dads would more often prepare for war with anyone who troubled their children, but moms had better tactics. They simply listened without saying a word to our woes and let us tell all the details of such horrible things. Then, those women reassured us. What followed were either words of sympathy or suggestions for dealing with the problem. On some occasions, moms traveled to the school, and there they expressed in the clearest of terms what they expected to be done to resolve any bad situations.
We men take home our girlfriends or fiancées to meet the family. Many times, those visits are made so that our mothers can conduct the “smell test.” We want our moms to like the girls we’ve fallen in love with because, no matter what is admitted, what the women of our homes like matters to us. The lasts thing men want is to live in the middle of a mother and daughter-in-law battle. It’s a no-win situation.
Most of all, children want to make their moms proud. Through so many years, those women worked to teach us what is wrong and right. They instructed us about making our lives full with a balance of work and fun. Most of all, moms tried to encourage us to live life on our own terms and never to let someone else have sway over our thoughts or actions.
Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my mother. I wish I could have just one more time to sit with her and hear her voice. I’d tell her “thank you” for all the sacrifices that she made for my two brothers and me, especially after our dad died when we were teens. My dear wife has sometimes wondered if she has been a good mother, and that question is always answered when Lacey and Dallas parrot the words that she spoke. At other times, they let her know that she has been successful by the way they make decisions and live their lives.
Our moms are blessings from the good Lord. I hope everyone takes a minute to remember them or to tell them how much they mean. Mothers deserve such high and worthy praise.