Valentine’s Day has come and gone once again. I hope everyone had a nice one! Here are some reflections I had on the holiday last week.

By Rosie Moore

Don’t ever, ever buy that Singer sewing machine that your wife was hinting for the last couple of months. Keep that for Christmas. It doesn’t belong on Valentine’s Day. That day belongs to fine jewelry, a lovely dinner in a restaurant, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and huge box of candy. Not necessarily all at once, however.

In the fifth of sixth grade I would give everyone in my homeroom a Valentine, so that no one would feel left out. Also, I decorated the shoe box with various Valentine hearts that I carried them to school in.

But, if there was a certain guy I really wanted to impress I would send him my card in code, such as, 18-15-19-9-5. After he figured it out, he would give me a big smile—usually.

Many people are acquainted with the tale of St. Valentine who, in Roman times, was a temple priest. He was beheaded by Emporer Claudius, who led a pagan Roman empire, for helping Christian couples to wed.

While in prison he wrote many letters to loved ones, signing it “from your Valentine.”

As time went by, many people copied that signature which has lasted to present times.

There are many different ways to show Valentine love throughout the year; giving your favorite teacher an apple; helping an elderly person cross the street, giving food and clothing to the poor, but the greatest gift of love we humans have is located in God’s word–God is love.

Thought for the day: There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.  George Sand, Author

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