By Rosie Moore

After a sultry summer last year, followed by a glitzy autumn, then by a robust winter (I know, it wasn’t a very robust season), now we just passed the pulsating prom season this spring. And it certainly does pulsate, pulsating with anxious nerves, thoughts of who’s going to invite whom, and then the worry about what to wear.

I must apologize to Ina Hughs for this bit of information I am copying from her column last week about the exorbitant cost of a prom date in this day and age. Families under $25,000 average $1,393 for prom, while families making more than $50,000 annually spend an average of $799. Incredible! I presume this includes prom gowns, tuxedos, limousines, corsages, and numerous other expenses like photos, hairdos and shoes. Families who had less money to spare might feel like it’s worth it to be carefree for just one night.

Back in my day, prom gowns were borrowed from older cousins, guys wore “white sport coats, and pink carnations” and the guys who were fortunate enough to have transportation drove their own dates to the big affair, or else Dad drove the couple and perhaps even picked them up later.

When did all this hullabaloo start? Naturally it started when prices on commodities spiraled to high rates and prices that continued its march upward every year thereafter. What can one do? Pay for it or do without. Or use some common sense to make this important night a night to remember. Most everyone will pay whatever it takes even if they have to overextend that credit card.

Years later the memory of that special night will remain in one’s mind as a joyous occasion, no matter what the cost. The memory of high costs will be lost because it was the one night that was filled with happiness, beautiful music and being in the arms of a favorite partner. That’s what the Prom is all about.

I love seeing the photos of those showing off their prom outfits. Makes one long for those days of long ago when our prom outfits were just as beautiful but cost somewhat less. Happy Prom night to all!

Thought for the day: Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. Confucius.

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