The American Reformation

To go against conscience is neither right, nor safe.

Martin Luther

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

In 1517, a Catholic priest by the name of Martin Luther pinned his recommendations for reform of the Catholic Church to the door of Wittenberg Cathedral in Germany. As a result, he was attacked, put on trial for his life, and subsequently excommunicated from his Church. This courageous man refused to go against reason and his conscience. He precipitated The Reformation and changed Western civilization and the world. Five hundred years later, another courageous German, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, said, “Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” He paid for his principled resistance to the Nazi regime with his life.

Anyone not in a coma understands that our country is in crisis. Our troops are attacked around the world and killed. Our economy has been decimated by Bidenomics. Wars in the Middle East and Central Europe rage, while China threatens Taiwan. Our country has been invaded by nearly 10,000,000 aliens. And our trust in our leaders and institutions, like the FBI and even the justice system, has been gutted.

However, of the many problems in the Biden era, foremost is the border invasion precipitated by the feckless POTUS. The rational person asks, “Why doesn’t he close the border with an executive order?” After all, Biden used executive orders to cancel President Trump’s very effective “remain in Mexico” policy and Trump’s border wall. Doesn’t Biden realize he is systematically destroying the very sanctuary that millions are seeking?

The answer to this mystery is “demographic destiny,” a perspective  Democrats and their media mouthpieces have repeatedly spoken of and promoted. The premise is that the historically predominant white population of America will be supplanted by non-white people due to migration and reproduction. I find this “great replacement theory” inherently racist. However, it is the reason Biden caused the border crisis and oxymoronic Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas refuses to do anything about the invasion by illegals and undoubtedly terrorists.

Democrat strategist, James Carville – aka Skeletor – coined the election phrase, “It’s the economy stupid,” when he managed Bill Clinton’s campaign. But times have changed. Now, to paraphrase Carville, “It’s the border stupid.” Despite claiming the “border is secure” for three years, Biden now admits that the border is not secure after allowing 10 million illegals to come across the border on his watch.

We are told that if Republicans would just agree to the “bipartisan immigration bill,” and give Biden more money, he’d fix the problem he created. That’s another of his numerous lies. President Trump had a secure border without a legislative bill, especially the current one no Congressman has read. Biden has an executive pen but refuses to “secure the border.”

Furthermore, Biden is authorized to intervene under “Title 8, Section 12 of the US code,” passed by Congress in 1952 and previously used by Obama. Tragically, POTUS cares more about Ukraine’s border than our own. Any reader of The Focus could fix the border because they are rational sensible people. Our leaders are not.

I’m reading Jon Meacham’s excellent biography of Abraham Lincoln entitled, “And There Was Light.” It was a dark time in America in the decades prior to the Civil War. But out of this crucible of crisis arose a true leader, Abraham Lincoln. The issue of that day was slavery, and it led to a Civil War with 650,000 soldiers killed and terrible consequences for non-combatants. But the Union was saved, and the scourge of slavery was defeated. And it cost President Lincoln his life.

There is a debate among historians about whether a leader brings about history or whether a crisis brings forth a leader. Alexander the Great is an example of the first position. And Abraham Lincoln is an example of the second.

What I find fascinating about Meacham’s Lincoln and 19th-century America are the striking similarities with our current American crisis being referred to as a “cold Civil War.” A decade ago I wrote an op-ed for the Knoxville Sentinel entitled “The Barely Civil War.” Unfortunately, the “barely” has become a “cold” reality. America has moved far beyond Republicans and Democrats and their policy differences.

In the 100 years before the Civil War the sparsely populated agrarian South needed laborers. The abomination of slavery was the answer and became the South’s culture. President Lincoln believed in a “transcendent morality” and that slavery was wrong. He opposed the spread of slavery and favored its ultimate abolition.

Democrats today need votes to stay in power. However, their destructive policies have alienated the middle class and people of color from their voting base. Therefore they have embraced the replacement theory with migrants to replenish the Democrat “plantation.”

I’m a science fiction fan and I loved the Star Wars movies, even though they were at times corny. There were thought-provoking concepts such as The Force which some found pantheistic. However, I envisioned The Force as panentheistic, an all-encompassing emanation of the Divine akin to Acts 17:28.

Even if you don’t care for Star Wars, most know of Yoda, the wise Jedi and master of the misplaced modifier! Yoda understood evil and how it must be confronted. He said, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

We need an American reformation, but I admit that I also get weary in this war for the soul of America. The relentless lies of Biden and his minions are intended to wear us down and discourage patriots.

For an American reformation to begin we must have a true leader. President Trump is a sinner like me, but he has a track record of accomplishments. I’m sure he gets weary as well confronting the destroyer of worlds and evil’s minions, but we cannot surrender.

Trump is on trial for his life and so are we. As a people, we will either do or die on November 5, 2024. There is no try.