By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Though I have tried to avoid the dark vortex of Washington, I have found it impossible to escape the debacle of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ordinarily, I am unaware of the despicable Feinstein and her craven colleagues. But now, I can’t escape them and stay informed of world, national or even local events.

Hawaii’s Senator, Mazie Hirono, said that men should “shut up,” and that women must be believed rather than men. This is sexism and a blatant example of the class warfare Karl Marx espoused and how the left operates. The perspective is that all men are to be considered sexual predators until proven otherwise. Perhaps Hirono and “not-so-Fine-stein” have forgotten the Duke LaCrosse case. Truth has no gender.

I am fortunate to be married to a good and sensible woman, and I am no longer out there “…lookin’ for love in all the wrong places…” I would be scared to death dating in this “me too” era of feminism. Ladies, you may get what your Democrat leaders want: emasculated men who no longer pursue you.

History teaches us what happens when reason and law are replaced by hatred and tyranny. In 1856 the issue of slavery in the United States was the question of the day, and specifically whether the new territory of Kansas should be a slave or free state.

When our ancestors came to North America they found a vast land with very few people. In contrast, Europe was densely populated and, by proportion, had little available land. An agrarian economy requires workers. In the New World indentured servitude was one way of acquiring workers and slavery was another.

The colonies of Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia were dependent upon slavery to work the large farms and plantations, whereas New England was increasingly mechanized and required less manpower. Unfortunately, ratification of the Constitution required approval of nine of the thirteen colonies. And to equalize voting apportionment for the House of Representatives, the Founders struck a compromise where 3/5 of the slave population would be counted, and the abomination of the slavery issue was kicked down the road.

Abolition in the 1850s was as passionate an issue as abortion is today. Our heated rhetoric is analogous to that of Massachusetts Senator Sumner, who, in 1856, called out slaveowners, and provoked such ire that he was beaten unconscious with a cane on the Senate floor by a House of Representatives Democrat from South Carolina. And the situation only worsened as brawling broke out in the House of Representatives in 1858 over the slavery issue. Ultimately, the American Civil War resulted from such extreme acrimony.

Fast forward to our own Civil War, currently being fought with words, but fast approaching violence as Senators, White House staff and Cabinet ministers are accosted in theaters and restaurants. Other than hatred for Trump, which pathetically drives some, the Kavanaugh conundrum swirls around abortion. In 1973 Roe vs. Wade was decided by nine old men rather than by the vote of 200 million Americans. As a result, this contentious “A” issue fuels the Kavanaugh selection because he refused to comment on how he might vote on a future case  regarding abortion before the Supreme Court. Associate Justice Ruth Ginsberg also declined to comment on how she might vote on future cases during her confirmation to the Supreme Court, but apparently that is no longer relevant. Kavanagh said that the issue of abortion has been decided by legal “precedent after precedent,” but this is not good enough for leftists.

And this brings us to the next “A” of this essay. “Political assassination” is the new mantra of the left. A bullet is not the only way to destroy someone or end a life. The old dinosaur, Feinstein, was not selected by the California Democrat party in this election cycle. Though she is a far left liberal, she wasn’t progressive, socialist or leftist enough for her radical base. Feinstein needed new street creds to placate the fanatics, so Kavanaugh was offered up for destruction in the Democrat’s Salem Witch Trial inquisition.

Total depravity is a tenant of Calvinist philosophy, and was on full display in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Kavanaugh hearing. This was truly America’s darkest hour. I could only stand to watch bits and pieces of this debacle because it sickened my stomach and soul. I witnessed our nation’s devolution and the destruction of a once proud people.

I can only imagine what the world saw in this spectacle of teenage “He said; she said.” What I saw was manipulative politics and power struggle. No gladiator in the arena wins, even if one survives to fight another day. It’s too bad that Democrat puppeteers cannot be put into the arena. The American people could then watch these loathsome Senate creatures annihilate each other and drain the Swamp.

Professor Ford’s speech struck me. I’m told her elocution is known as “uptalking,” where statements and sentences are ended on a high note. It is associated with younger people or those who are uninitiated. She is a professor (PhD) of psychology at Palo Alto and Stanford, so her elocution seems contrived in the setting of a learned professor. Surprisingly, she didn’t understand the term exculpatory evidence and often appeared incredibly naive. This strikes me as curious and engineered.

The law of our nation is justice and fairness. If this is still true, contrast the Professor’s testimony taken by a gentile woman attorney and Brett Kavanaugh’s interrogation by Democrats in their reincarnation of the Star Chamber.

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his soul.” This is the question of our day. I suspect something happened, somewhere and sometime to Professor Ford. She is left scarred and I have pity for her. However, this is no justification for destroying another man’s life who declares his innocence of her allegations, for which there is no evidence, and four people have refuted her memory of the troubling event.

I can forgive Professor Ford, but not the Democrat puppeteers who have manipulated the Professor, Kavanaugh and America for political gain, in pursuit of power and because of their hatred of Donald Trump. This is evil personified.