By Ralphine Major

“We thought it would be fun,” Georgia answered when I asked her about the day the aunts brought their nieces to school.  It was the last day of eighth grade for the three friends—Dorothy Stormer, Wanda Shaver, and Georgia Ann Major.  The teenagers came up with the idea to bring their three little nieces with them on their last day of school.  The year was 1959.

Dorothy Stormer Prater was a cheerleader for The Eagles.  She was married to Earl Prater until his untimely death at the age of 57.  Dorothy had a 42-year career with First Tennessee Bank.  She has one son and one grandson.  Wanda Shaver Williams had a long career with the Tennessee Valley Authority.  She is married to Bill Williams, also known as WBIR’s legendary news anchor who was recently inducted into the Tennessee Journalism Hall of Fame.  They are parents to a daughter and son (deceased) and have four grandchildren.  Georgia Ann Major Johnson and husband Johnny helped to build a successful catering business.  They celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 2015.  The Johnsons are parents to one son and two daughters and have six grandchildren.

The teenage aunts graduated from Gibbs High School in 1963.  When their school days were over, their friendships remained close.  For six decades, Dorothy Stormer Prater, Wanda Shaver Williams, and Georgia Ann Major Johnson have shared life’s joys and sorrows.  Many memorable moments have been celebrated since their days at Gibbs, but that one day at the end of eighth grade when the aunts brought their three young nieces to school was really special!  So are they!!!