Your best teacher is your last mistake.

Ralph Nader

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Well, they’ve done it again. Over the weekend of February 24-26, the latest news “bombshell” was released. You realize weekends are when bad news is revealed to John Q. Public and yarns are spun.

Someone in the Department of Energy apparently had a moment of conscience – or decided to cover their backside – and gave a story to the Wall Street Journal about the origin of Covid. The geniuses at the Department of Energy now believe the Covid pandemic originated from a laboratory leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Actually, to anyone with a brain, this “bombshell story” is three years old.

In early 2020 President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said they had information that the Chinese Wuhan Virology lab was doing “gain of function” research on coronaviruses. The “Democracy Dies in the Darkness” Washington Post, the NYT, MSNBC, CNN, Google, Fake-book, etc. all attacked Trump, Senator Tom Cotton and others who blamed the Chinese for Covid. The mainstream media hates President Trump so they sided with the communists. This hatred overrode the following facts: the Wuhan facility’s infamous “bat lady” leading the research at the Chinese military lab; another Wuhan researcher became a whistleblower alleging lax security at the Wuhan lab (he suddenly “disappeared”); and international virologists maintained that a natural occurrence of the deadly Covid 19 was “highly unlikely.”

Of course, China was responsible for the Pandemic! But of course, China’s joint investigation with the compromised WHO (World Health Organization) concluded that the virus came from the wet meat market next to the lab. So, the media and Fauci told us a dramatic viral mutation occurred in nature, infected a bat that bit a pangolin which was butchered in the wet market, consumed by a human and Covid was spread to the world! (If you believe this tongue-in-cheek yarn, send me an email because I’ve got some swampland in Florida, I’d like to sell you.) Our media bought that ridiculous scenario “hook, line and sinker.” So, why would anyone believe anything our politically driven “moon bat” media or our duplicitous government says?

Self-proclaimed Dr. Science and media rockstar Tony Fauci repeatedly lied to us. He reportedly had vested interests in the gain of function research in China through his association with the EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan lab. It is plausible the Chinese military was doing bioweapon research at the lab, but I do not believe the virus was purposely released. However, China did try to cover up their dangerous research and sloppy security which leaked the virus. The Chinese were driven by national pride and military considerations. Americans were motivated by money. And millions died.

But there are other guilty parties. Since President Trump said China did it, the media, who viscerally hates Trump, embraced the wet market “bat soup” story to discredit and destroy Trump. They succeeded and we are paying a terrible price.

Of course, I’m painting with a broad brush. There are good and principled people in the media and the government. However, their track record with the salacious Hillary “pee-pee hoax,” the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story and just about everything we’ve been told about Covid leads me to be highly skeptical.

Despite what Fauci, government officials and the media say, studies have shown that masks, including N95s, do not protect against respiratory illness or Covid. Furthermore, natural immunity after infection has been proven equal to or superior to vaccines. Social distancing, which was based on 100-year-old poor science, doesn’t work. And shutting down schools and the economy were terrible mistakes. We should have been vaccinating the elderly and those with cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc., but not children and healthy young adults. Now, myocarditis has “spiked” and young people like Damar Hamlin are keeling over. We are all part of the greatest experiment in human history: the government-pharma experimental Covid vaccine trial.

I don’t watch SNL (Saturday Night Live) anymore. The days of Dan Aykroyd and Rosanne Rosannedanna are gone. Nor do I care much for Woody Harrelson, who nonetheless recently called out the perverted relationship between the government and big pharma. He should have added the CDC and pediatric organizations who mandate experimental jabs for children to his indictment. Serious Covid infection is rare in children. But then these same organizations recommend gender reassignment surgery and castrating medications for confused children. Liberal Bill Maher said it best: “I wanted to be a pirate. Thank God, nobody took me seriously and scheduled me for eye removal and pegleg surgery.”

So why are we now hearing so much about China’s chronic theft of intellectual property, their purchase of American farmland and food industries and the bribing of Universities like the University of Pennsylvania and Delaware? Perhaps Biden’s handlers are preparing us for war with China, who is now supporting Putin in Ukraine.

However, despite my skepticism and pessimism, I do see glimmers of hope. Perhaps it’s necessary to experience bad or wrong to appreciate the good. The last two years have shown us bad, and what happens when hatred overrules reason. We’ve seen the results of a dishonest media and corrupt leadership in the White House, FBI and the DOJ. And we’ve seen how dysfunctional our government has become, sending billions to Ukraine, millions to Palestine, but a pittance to East Palestine, Ohio.

The Great Awakening was a religious movement which swept across the American colonies in the early 1700s. I see analogies in our present situation. The abject absurdity and breathtaking lunacy of the left have produced disastrous results; hopefully America is beginning to wake up. My church is packed on Sunday, and hundreds of high schoolers participate in church events. The movie Jesus Revolution has defied the critics and has become wildly successful. Woke companies like Capital One, Amazon and Target are dismissing their diversity directors who just harass employees. The Pentagon will no longer punish servicemen who have refused Covid vaccines. Chicago’s odious Mayor Lori Lightfoot was defeated.

I recently learned that 53% of doctors are employed by health organizations. Many of these promote the DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) lunacy ahead of competency or surgical skill. Yet some doctors are courageously pushing back despite risking their jobs.

At this point in my life, I can’t be fired and I can handle a paradox of contrasting perspectives. I can balance science and religion. But I will not accept woke, racist insanity. Be courageous. Refuse to be manipulated or shamed. Speak out for your country and the Master!