By Rosie Moore

I have a devotional book that I read every day called “Trusting In God.” Let me share with you what I read a few days ago. So thought provoking:

“Anyone who prays would like to know what kind of God they are praying to. They want to know in what kind of atmosphere their prayers are heard. Do they pray to such a kind-hearted God that He is more willing to give than they are to receive? Jesus was born into a nation that loved prayer and He learnt to cherish prayer. Jesus gives us the Christian principle for prayer. His examples are carefully chosen.

Matthew mentions two and Luke adds another one. If children ask for bread, would their father give them a stone? If they ask for a fish, would he give them a snake; or a scorpion if they ask for an egg? Small stones on the seashore looked just like small loaves of bread. The snake mentioned here probably refers to an eel that was forbidden food according to Leviticus 11:12. A scorpion looks very much like an egg when it is falling asleep, but is deadly when it wakes up.

God will never refuse to listen to our prayers, or ridicule them. The lesson here is that God will always hear our prayers, but He will answer them in His way. His way is the way of perfect wisdom and perfect love. Jesus says we must persevere in prayer because the test of our sincerity lies in this. God will always answer our prayers in the way He sees fit; in wisdom and in love. We must just continue praying to God.”

This is a hard concept for people to follow. It is hard to remember that God answers prayer. Not in the way we expect, but in the way that is best for us. But, don’t stop praying!

Thought for the day: Our prayers are answered not when we are given what we ask but when we are challenged to be what we can be.    Morris Adler

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