By Dr. Jim Ferguson

In 49 BC Julius Caesar stood on the bank of the Rubicon River which marked the northern border of Italy. The ruling elite of Rome demanded that Caesar surrender his army, come to Rome and be tried for treason. If he refused, civil war would ensue. After meditation Caesar told his generals, “The die is cast.” And crossing the Rubicon, Caesar marched on Rome and replaced the ensconced ruling class.

As this essay goes to press, the die will be cast for those of you who voted early. I read that 20 million Americans had voted by October 28th, before learning that the FBI was reopening Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia allow early voting. Along with 60% of the electorate, I’m glad I waited for the latest information before I vote in the most important Presidential election of my lifetime. Perhaps Tennessee should change its laws to allow absentee and early voters to change their votes as in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Pennsylvania. How sad that another intern has apparently fallen to the Clinton’s craven pursuit of power and money. Huma Abedin’s rise to power began as an intern under Hillary Clinton in 1996. Subsequently, Ms. Abedin became Hillary Clinton’s closest adviser, often seen whispering in Clinton’s ear. How ironic and tragic that it was the Clintons who introduced Ms. Abedin to Anthony Weiner (Carlos Danger, his internet nom de guerre). And Bill Clinton officiated Huma’s wedding. Mrs. Weiner rarely left Hillary Clinton’s side until October 28th, the day we learned Abedin’s home computer was also used by her disgraced husband, now under criminal investigation by the FBI.

Democrats cry foul that FBI Director James Comey reopened Clinton’s case so close to the Presidential election. Perhaps they’ve forgotten that Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger was indicted by Democrat independent counsel Lawrence E. Walsh four days before the 1992 Presidential election. Many believe this contributed to George H. Walker Bush’s defeat.

Several months ago Hillary Clinton and Democrats were praising Comey who controversially concluded that no prosecutor would bring charges against Hillary Clinton despite citing a litany of Clinton’s email abuses. Now, these same Democrats are saying Comey is in the thrall of Republicans, even though Obama has said Comey is not politically motivated. In fact, Director Comey is dealing with wholesale resignations at the FBI (>100) because of his handling of the Clinton case. Perhaps the 650,000 emails discovered on Huma’s computer gave Comey a chance to redeem his otherwise sullied reputation and save the FBI’s integrity.

I’m tired of the Washington ruling class and their elitist attitudes that only ordinary citizens must follow the law while Hillary Clinton, the IRS, the White House and the State Department use their power to sidestep rules that ruined General Petraeus and put Martha Stewart in jail. Folks, if the ruling class can put chefs in jail and ruin generals, none of us are safe. The Hillary argument that she didn’t “intend” to commit a crime by placing state secrets on her clandestine, unsecured home computer has already been tried by defense lawyers arguing for their clients. They were laughed out of court. Outside the Washington Beltway, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Much is made of Trump’s temperament and his treatment of women. Trump has been in the public eye for decades without harsh treatment by Democrats and the media (perhaps because he was once a Democrat just like Ronald Reagan before he came to his senses). Perhaps the attacks are only politically motivated, just like the attacks on Mitt Romney four years ago. The fact is, Mother Teresa would be similarly savaged by gutter snipes in the Democrat media, Harry Reid and the Clinton campaign.

Several years ago I had dinner with a doctor who served as one of the White House physicians over several presidencies. His observations may be anecdotal, but he told me Hillary Clinton and Al Gore treated all of the White House staff, the Secret Service and the military guards with disrespect and utter rudeness. Similar reports have surfaced from FBI agents, Marine One helicopter pilots and Arkansas state troopers. Most recently, camera crews reported a tirade launched by Hillary Clinton on her staff when Matt Lauer asked her a question at a town hall meeting which she had not been prepared for in advance. I guess the now disgraced Donna Brazile of CNN and the DNC had been unable to get the question to Clinton ahead of time.

It’s easy to be discouraged these days. If all you heard was the group-speak of the “alphabet media,” who in lock-step vocalize the talking points given them by the Democrat party, you’d feel isolated. Do you remember when ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, etc. all began newscasts with the term gravitas? Folks, this is a wonderful word, but a term not often used. Similar obscure and coordinated language surfaces regularly in the toadies of the alphabet media. Fortunately, alternative media offers other perspectives for consideration. It may not be hip to admit, but I now listen to Rush Limbaugh instead of NPR. Limbaugh has uncanny political savvy that even the media acknowledges. If you doubt me, listen to his program for a week and then make up your own mind, rather than being told what to think by Media Matters and the DNC. And lastly, social media like FaceBook has allowed many to reach out to friends and to share perspectives and concerns.

There will be winners and losers November 8th, but unfortunately, America is so divided, we will still be divided November 9th. The Trump phenomenon exists because America has lost faith in its leadership and so many battles in the last eight years. The economy is a mess, Obama-care is a disaster, illegals flood across non-existent borders, Russia and China are on the move and we’ve tried to buy the mullahs of Iran with $150 billion and a pathway to a nuclear weapon. Amazingly, half of America is poised to vote for the most corrupt and dishonest politician who has ever run for President of the United States.

I have traveled the world looking for a place to escape, and concluded there is none. As a result, I’ll make my stand here, and if the Hildabeast is elected, perhaps a monastery is an option.