By Dr. Jim Ferguson

The Trump derangement syndrome continues to rage as Democrats search for someone or something to blame for their shellacking. Actually, it was the Democrat Party’s decision in 2011 to abandon their blue collar base, for instance in the rust belt, and put their emphasis on women’s issues, Hispanics and blacks which led them to the political doldrums. They have only themselves to blame for losing 1200 elected seats since 2010, including the Presidency, the Congress and the majority of Governorships and State Houses. Even with their media accomplices the Democrats couldn’t destroy the movement that rose in opposition to their neglect and destructive policies. Donald Trump is merely the personification of this movement.

The latest lunacy the Democrats are using to explain the election is that the Russians hacked into voting machines and caused Trump to win the Presidency. Previously, the Democrats blamed the Russians for hacking into the Democrat Party’s email system, though WikiLeaks and the Russians repeatedly denied these allegations. Now, the Green Party gal, Jill Stein, is leading the Democrat fringe in a recount of rust belt votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Stein admits there is no evidence of computer manipulation, and it is obvious a recount will still leave her in a distant fourth place. Trump leads in Wisconsin by more than 24,000 votes, in Michigan by 10,700 and Pennsylvania by 71,000. No recount has ever changed the final tally more than a few hundred votes, even in Florida with its infamous dangling chads.

So why is Stein raising money like crazy and throwing it away in a futile, puerile and servile endeavor? The answer lies in the fact that a leftist is foremost and always a leftist. Yes, Stein may give the obscure Green Party the equivalent of Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame. And she’ll raise money for fellow Naderites while pandering to Clinton’s leftist base. But the real purpose is to delegitimize the Trump victory and his Presidency. This is not the perspective of a noble loyal opposition that opposes policies with which they disagree and yet supports the country. Stein, Clinton and the Democrat’s efforts are a subversive effort to undermine a President who won 2,600 of 3,100 counties, nationwide, and the Electoral College.

Clinton did receive more popular votes than Trump, even if you exclude the 800,000 illegal voters estimated by experts. Interestingly, Clinton received almost two million votes from the four counties (boroughs) of NY City. How prescient our Founding Fathers to have constructed a Representative Republic rather than a democracy of majority rule. Imagine four men and three women stranded on an island. A democracy would allow the four men to vote for intimacy with the women, who would then be obliged to submit to the mob rule of a majority vote. Fortunately, for our fifty diverse states, the Electoral College elects the President and Vice President. Get over it or change the rule book, our Constitution.

Just a few weeks ago it was Clinton, Democrats and the media who were howling and demanding that Trump accept election results before the votes were even counted. Now these same paragons of virtue refuse to accept the actual vote because the results were at odds with the polls. Hello! The polls were engineered to shape thought not honestly sample people’s opinions.  The recount chant is the height of hypocrisy and a ruse to “pick a person’s pocket” as Ebenezer Scrooge would say.

The left’s denial of reality is stunning. They have now turned on the pollsters who they allege misled them. Yet, these leftists haven’t similarly turned on the NY Times who admittedly lied to them. Now we hear Obama telling Rolling Stone Magazine that “fake news” was responsible for the defeat of his policies and the Democrats. How ironic he chose Rolling Stone to make this wild assertion. It was Rolling Stone who published the fake University of Virginia rape case, was humiliated and forced to recant the story and now faces millions of dollars in punitive damages in a lawsuit. Mr. Obama also alleges that Fox News on the television in bars must have confused those red state tipplers. Mr. Obama, what about poor captive travelers in airports who are forced to listen to CNN, aka the Clinton News Network?

The Democrats, the media, academia, the east coast and the left coast can’t seem to grasp the Trump phenomena. They tell themselves that they haven’t really lost their power. They tell themselves that Trump is an aberration and things will soon be fine again. False prophets told the Hebrews during the Babylonian exile that they shouldn’t worry because they would be back in Jerusalem in a year or so. Jeremiah told them the truth: it would be seventy years before they returned from exile. Perhaps the Democrats will be allowed to return from exile someday after  Trump fixes the mess they’ve caused.

Have you heard of Tim Ryan, a young Democrat congressman from a blue collar area of Ohio? He ran against Nancy Pelosi for the House minority leadership of his party, stating that his Democrats are no longer a national party. He said they only control the east and west coasts and the big cities. Apparently, the House Democrats remain clueless about what has happened because they re-elected Nancy Pelosi as their leader. Someone should tell that dowager, who infamously said we must “pass Obamacare to learn what’s in it,” that the “fly-over” states, the deplorables and the “bitter clingers” do matter.

It is obvious that the Democrats are out of touch with Americans. They chose Hillary Clinton who was a flawed candidate. They continue to blame others for the rejection of their policies. They conspire to undermine the Electoral College, our traditions and the peaceful transfer of power that is the American way. When their pitiable recount effort fails, they will be responsible for even further punishment than just political backbenchers in a cold Churchillian wilderness.