Who is the face of woke?

Tim Allen

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

The last Democrat is no more. You may have heard that former Congresswoman and Army reservist Tulsi Gabbard has figured out that the Democrat party, now controlled by radical progressives, no longer exists. As a result, she resigned from the party. But not to worry; the Democrats got Liz Cheney who increasingly looks like “Maude” Bahar.

It is problematic to judge a book by its cover, but we all do so. In poker a “tell” is body language that tips off your opponent. And an applicant with a face full of tattoos or a hoodie is not helpful in a job interview (or a Senate campaign).

It is Halloween and the undeniably impaired Joe Biden, along with the ghoulish Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman, have become the faces of the Democrat party. And to use the Jeff Foxworthy analogy, if you can vote for any Democrat in this election cycle, “you might be the problem.”

Unless you’ve been in a coma, you have seen or heard of “The Event.” Of course, I’m referring to the Vol’s stunning victory over Bama on October 15th. As the game seesawed back and forth, I kept asking myself, “Who are these guys?” I asked the same question during our team’s victory over Florida. I’m not a “sports animal,” but I follow the UT teams. And I think it is great for our community when our folks win.

Occasionally, friends ask us to accompany them to a UT football game. Without a doubt, you can see the game better at home, but not the spectacle. And who would turn down Vol/Bama tickets? To be a part of 100,000 fans lustily singing the UT alma mater, watch the band march and play and then see the Vols run through the “power T” is exhilarating.

I can’t capture the experience of being at the Tennessee/Alabama game and watching Hooker march the team down the field in the closing seconds of the game to give Chase McGrath a field goal chance with 2 seconds on the clock. Becky and I watched the referee’s arms go up from the 25th row on the 10-yard line in the south end of the field. And then pandemonium erupted as a sea of orange flooded the field in victory.

I have seen videos of fans flooding a field in other sporting events, but I had never been there in person to experience such an outpouring of joy.

I understand that crowds can become dangerous, but none of us saw any unruly behavior – unless you consider pulling down the goal posts. I can even understand the fines levied by SEC bureaucrats to discourage future outbursts. I have seen cordons of police/security securing the playing field in World Series games. But as we watched from the stands in amazement, there was no way 100,000 jubilant Vol fans could have been restrained. Later, I heard one young student exclaim, “My life is now complete!” Yes, that’s hyperbole, but it captures the sentiment.

Perhaps sports are necessary safety valves where people can ventilate or temporarily remove themselves from inflation, the engineered border crisis, rampant crime, the loss of retirement savings, gender idiocy and wokeism. I needed a moment away from the war. I needed something good to happen. And it happened this year in Neyland Stadium on the third Saturday in October.

But the game is over and we’re back to seeing an impaired and detached Biden read the teleprompter and blame the oil companies for the mess he and the Democrats have created. Rather than returning to President Trump’s energy policies which gave us energy independence, Ole Joe’s solution was to release and sell more oil from our strategic reserves and then buy oil later “when the price goes down.” Our strategic oil reserves are already at a 40 year low. Democrats rejected President Trump’s plan to replenish our reserves when oil was $26 a barrel. It’s now ~$95 a barrel. I’m sure traders in oil futures are licking their chops from Ole Joe’s stupid oil speculation and election eve stunt. Abandoning the Democrat war on fossil fuels will make the price go down, otherwise it’s going to be an expensive and cold winter.

It’s hard to look beyond crime in our neighborhood, aliens flooding our country and inflation “taxing” everyone, but we live in a dangerous world and we are led by fools, elitists and ideologues. Biden armed the Taliban and then enriched the Mexican drug cartels. But Biden could not cause such damage without support of Democrats throughout the country. Holding the Democrats accountable down-ballot for this election cycle is imperative. Too often it is said that a politician is incompetent, but the excuse is “he’s our guy/gal.” I wonder what the voters of West Virginia think of Joe Manchin, who sold his soul to Biden and the Democrats on the inflation “production” legislation, only to be screwed out of a promised gas pipeline by his buds.

Liberals and progressives fear Russians, Covid, conservatives, Trump, free speech, people of faith, and those who do not want CRT taught to children. Drag queens in schools and experimental vaccines stuck in their children’s arms are fine with Democrats. In a country of 332 million I’m sure there are white supremacists somewhere, but this conservative has never encountered one.

The Russians are bogged down in an unwinnable war in Eastern Europe. Pushing the maniac Putin into a corner through a proxy war in Eastern Europe is stupid. Joe said the pandemic is over. Although I remain skeptical of most things I read, I recently saw that 90% of Americans have either been vaccinated or have had Covid. My wife and I were double vaccinated and boosted, yet we both had Covid this year.

It is time to take back America. The Democrats, from the White House to state and local governments, have failed us. Wisdom is learning from your mistakes and then changing course. Bill Clinton did it. For the last two years the Democrats have controlled the government and they have made an utter mess of things. They must be voted out of power. Perhaps the real event is November 8, 2022.