By Ralphine Major

Wash your hands!  Despite today’s many advancements, the instructions that mothers have given children for years is still the best advice modern medicine offers to guard against flu.

This year’s flu season has been brutal, snuffing out the lives of so many precious children.  Even adults have succumbed to the deadly strain of flu.  According to media reports, the flu vaccine provides only a small percentage of effectiveness.  Yet, health care professionals still advise getting the flu shot since some effectiveness is better than none at all.  I do not recall ever hearing of so many schools being closed for so many days during a flu season as this year.  But, it is necessary to stop the spreading of germs and give school personnel time to disinfect the facilities.

The bad news is that experts predict flu season may extend to May!  The good news is that May is only a few weeks away.  A taste of spring-like weather has already teased us with record-breaking temperatures in February.  Before long, beautiful flowers such as the bright yellow daffodil shown here will be blooming all around us; and the flu season will be a distant memory.  Blessings for good health to you and your family as we weather the remaining days of winter!