By Ralphine Major

A mere mention of the place can bring to mind childhood memories and special times, though there was a time when its popularity seemed to fade.  The architecture of ranch-style homes and others nearly eliminated the front porch as many of us remember it.  Today, the front porch seems to be making a come back.

The front porch.  It is a place where we can sit and enjoy a beautiful sunset, hear the neighborhood children playing, or wave to passers-by.   It is a place where we can sit in the porch swing or rocking chairs and think about what is important to us, count our blessings, and enjoy nature.  It is a place where we can discuss the day’s events; make plans for the future; and talk about current issues, such as athletes kneeling for the national anthem or the scandal involving college basketball recruiting.  It is a place where we can take rest after a day of work and enjoy a cold glass of lemonade.   It is a place where we can sit and break a bushel of beans, where grandparents can bond with grandchildren, and where we welcome visitors and say our goodbyes when friends leave.  A few years ago, milk deliveries could be seen sitting on the front porches of many homes.  Recently, the Maddox and Crabtree families gathered on the front porch for a family photo before going to cheer on the Tennessee VOLS.

On the front porch, we can watch the world from a distance while sitting in the comfort of home.  It is a special place—the front porch—for creating memories and cherishing those made years ago.