The Kindness of Strangers

By Ralphine Major

I could almost hear a “hush” as white beauty blanketed the earth. Millions of tiny white crystals fell from the sky. They could be seen clinging to barren tree bark and turning hayfields of summer into a sea of white. 2024’s first snowfall is one that will be remembered.

Inch by inch the snowfall total climbed to an amount East Tennesseans had not seen for many years. Schools and businesses closed for several days. Many sporting events had to be rescheduled. Church services were canceled or made available online. Snowfalls in this area usually stay on the ground for two or three days. This recent snow, which lasted well over a week, is more like the snow of the most northern regions of the country. Through all the treacherous road conditions, the Volunteer spirit did not disappoint. Numerous stories have emerged about the kindness of strangers who raked snow off cars and picked up groceries and medicine for shut-ins. One neighbor came to the rescue of a service truck and pulled it out of the ditch. Our busy lives nearly came to a complete halt with Mother Nature’s white surprise, and cabin fever was surely felt by many. Yet, with all the chaos connected with a major winter storm, there is also a strange calm. With the warning to stay indoors, it can be a time of quietness, serenity, and reflection. It can be a time to see the hand of the Creator and marvel at how a beautiful snowfall can turn an ordinary day into an awesome scene. And at the end of that day, all is well.

Words of Faith:” Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 (KJV).