By Ralphine Major

They were first cousins, all linked together by the “Loy” name.  I knew some of them by their married names.  This black and white photo captured a special moment in the young lives of these Loy cousins.  What a great memory it gives their family and friends to have a snapshot of their life so many years ago during a time when pictures were rare.

Betty Sharp, retired Gibbs Elementary School teacher, is married to Clayton Sharp, a WWII veteran.  My brother and I went to school with their sons, Rancy and Monty.  Fay is deceased, and I never met her.  But, her name brings to mind her son, Les Spitzer.  Les appeared in a series of Focus columns as a senior standout of the 1964-65 Gibbs High School basketball team that is still remembered for their winning season.  The late Inis Smelser was a sister to Betty.  Their father, Professor (Prof) H. G. Loy, was a long-time educator and was featured earlier this year in the Focus 2-8-16.  Georgia Wright was married to W. P. Wright.  The Wrights’ 70th Anniversary celebration appeared on the front page of the Focus 9-4-12.  Last year, I wrote on Georgia’s 91st birthday with her three sons:  Knox County Commissioner Dave Wright, Richard Wright, and Charles Wright.  Georgia passed away earlier this year.  Connie McNeill is also a former teacher.  On the day I spoke to her, she was doing volunteer work by playing the piano at the hospital.  Not pictured are the late Helen Calfee, long-time Home Economics teacher at Gibbs High School, one of Prof Loy’s four daughters, and sister to Betty and Inis; and Opal Thompson, who is married to James Thompson and sister to Fay and Georgia.  We also went to school with the three Thompson sons—Calvin, Jimmy, and Edward.