By Ralphine Major

We went to see a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with ornaments representing 68 countries at the home of Carolyn Jensen.  While there, we fell in love with a little dog named after America’s 40th President!  I was fascinated with the furry little bundle that checked us out upon our arrival and then bolted   to his room.  He returned with a stuffed bunny and plopped down right in front of us.

Reagan is special.  He is a rescue dog adopted by Carolyn and her late husband, Tom.  “Your heart breaks to think that someone would hurt an innocent little dog,” Carolyn said.  “Maybe rescue dogs are more loving because they have been hurt,” she added.  It is obvious that over the years Reagan has certainly bonded with her.  “Reagan brings lots of love to me and hopefully to others,” Carolyn shared.    “Dogs certainly relieve a lot of tension and make you feel so special when they love you unconditionally.  It seems to me that dogs bring out some of our best qualities.”  I certainly agree with her.

At the Jensen home, stockings were hanging from one end of the fireplace to the other.  One of them had Reagan’s name on it.  When the tree decorations come out each year, Reagan goes to the tree and gets his own toy—a special Charlie Brown stuffed dog that was given to him one Christmas several years ago.

What a fantastic goal for the new year.  Adopt a rescue dog or help support a rescue dog organization.  I think Reagan would agree!  Woof!