The Potemkin Presidency

“Campaigns are snapshots and sound bites.”

Dan Bongino

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

They all knew, and by now, so do we. They lied to us repeatedly, just as they lied about Russian collusion, Covid, January 6, Charlottesville and I could go on. So again, we were duped by the mainstream media and Democrats, just as we were duped by the Intelligence Community regarding Hunter’s laptop – by the way, “the IC are neither intelligent nor a community.”

Americans are like Charlie Brown who trusted Lucy to hold the football. We trusted the mainstream media to tell the truth about Joe Biden, and they lied repeatedly. Only a fool would now believe anything they say.

In last week’s essay I listed signs of change I’m seeing. I now add additional signs: anti-socialist movements in European elections and important Supreme Court rulings stating that presidents have immunity for their official decisions, unelected bureaucrats cannot make “law” through their interpretation of Congressional Law and governmental agencies like the SEC can’t serve as prosecutor, jury and judge in disputes with citizens. And, of course, there was the Biden debate debacle and the subsequent fallout in Democrat-land.

What would it be like if you woke up some morning and you discovered that everything you believed true was a lie? We watched it happen in the presidential debate. The curtain was pulled back to reveal that “the emperor has no clothes.” Have you ever had that weird dream where you were somewhere in public and exposed? Well, Biden may have felt he was in that bad dream. We saw an elderly, frail, confused man with a sickly complexion, mouth agape and minimal facial expression.

I don’t mean to be morbid, but as a physician I’ve seen lots of people die. Most recently, Becky’s mother passed away at home at 104. One minute she was there and the next…she was gone. As the spirit left her body, her facial animation slackened and then ceased.

The contrast between the animated, cogent President Trump with robust facial color and the deathly pale Biden, whispering often unintelligible gibberish was striking. You can’t “unsee” what Democrats and their media toadies tell you was just one bad day and a cold.

Biden was given a clean bill of health by his physician in February 2024. (Not a good reference for this doctor.) Even the dinosaur Democrat Carl Bernstein recognized 15-20 cognitive lapses of the man with the nuclear football in the last 28 months.  Democrats, Rasputin-like Dr. Jill and the mainstream media can no longer hide the naked truth. Nor can they blame anyone but themselves for the mess they’ve created by hiding the truth from the American people.

A friend asked me if I was going to write about the debate. I told him my anger would have to subside before I could write cogently. This is one instance where a weekly column affords me the opportunity to calm down and not pop off. My ancestry is Scots Irish and I’m a bit feisty. Check my picture closely and you can see the crooked nose from a hockey stick and popping off to boys bigger than me. My point is, Americans have been lied to by the media and our leaders, and I’m mad. My trust in them has been destroyed. It won’t come back soon, if ever.

Folks, we are in a very dangerous time. The Democrats and their propagandist media are losing their power and, like wounded animals, they are increasingly frantic and dangerous. You might imagine Americans as an abused spouse who has finally had enough and makes plans to leave. Studies have shown that this is the most dangerous time because the abuser wants to reassert control.

Furthermore, foreign leaders and the world saw Biden’s debacle. A friend in England sent me an email and asked, “What’s going on in America and with Biden?” I told him that the western world is entering a very dangerous time.

In early stages of dementia patients realize something is wrong. In the late stages, demented patients tragically don’t know their family, forget how to swallow and are often mere shells of what they once were.

Though I am not privy to Biden’s medical situation, as a board certified internist with secondary boards in geriatrics, I perceive Joe Biden in the moderate stages of his disease where he no longer is aware of his cognitive debility. I think it’s important to remember that the president had a previous brain hemorrhage and two brain operations for vascular aneurysms. I can tell you that this medical history is more troubling than CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) from repeated sports concussions.

Perhaps the Democrats and the media hoped for a debate miracle. They didn’t get it. And now we are left with media rats deserting the sinking SS Biden. The long knives are out to get Biden to make the LBJ move and step down, not for the good of the country, but for the media to cover their own booties and for Democrats to retain power. “Joe’s gotta go,” but he won’t, he can’t because he needs to cover up the Biden family’s malfeasance.

As I hurry to finish this essay on July 4, I think about all the trials and tribulations our country has overcome: The Revolution, The Civil War, two World Wars, The Depression, 9/11 attack, etc. We will overcome this Potemkin President and his destructive, progressive-Democrat cabal who created the invasion on illegals with cartel drugs and trafficking, inflation with the average cost of a July 4th cookout up 30% compared with five years ago, danger on Main Street and to children and threats to We The People with F-14 fighter jets.

Sound bites and snap shots do matter. The first presidential TV debate was between Nixon and Kennedy and showed a sweaty Nixon with a 5 o’clock shadow and a cool and collected John Kennedy. We have our own presidential snap shots and Bidenese gibberish from the recent debate. It is time for Americans, even Democrats, to choose “love of country to take priority over hating President Trump.”