The Tasty Watermelon (Part II)

By Ralphine Major

It was hidden underneath the dark green rind shown in this column a couple of weeks ago.  When it was cut, the luscious fruit was bright red all the way to the rind.  The best part of the melon, however, is the sweet, savory heart right in the middle!  The heart is usually the most sought-after portion of a watermelon because of its delightful sweetness.

Unlike some fruits, watermelons are often available into the fall of the year.  They may come from local farmers or surrounding counties.  Some of them may even come from other southern states, such as Florida, Georgia, or North Carolina.   What a great dessert for family meals, picnics, or a healthy afternoon snack.  A handy tool is often used to cut out watermelon balls into perfect bite-size pieces for parties.  Many neighborhood groups often gather to have a watermelon-cutting where the star of the event is, of course, the watermelon!  Don’t forget to enjoy several slices of this juicy fruit while it is in season!  Delicious!


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