The Thirty-Three Percent

“Without God, there could be no American form of government, nor American way of life. Recognition of the supreme being is the first, the most basic, expression of Americanism.”

President Dwight Eisenhower

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

If you’re reading this essay, it’s 2024. And hopefully the year-in-reviews are done. Frankly, I don’t want to go back and review the disasters of last year. I’m done with 2023.

Unfortunately, we are “not done” with the 33% who purportedly approve of Joe Biden’s presidency. Who are these people? We read about them in polls and then wonder if the posters’ questions were just misleading. But if there’s any semblance of truth in the surveys, it’s shocking. I have a hard time conceiving of someone so disconnected, ideologically motivated or driven by such hatred of President Trump that causes them to deny reality and support Biden and the Democrats. But then we are told we must accept the twisted reality that a man can get pregnant, or children with gender dysphoria should be treated with castration. Liberals, aka progressive Democrats, and leftists have lost their minds. The guardrails of rational thought, behavior and morality have been removed by their brand of humanism.

We are in dangerous times, Folks. And my predictions for 2024? You can expect even worse until Democrats, or whatever they call themselves these days, are removed from power and are no longer able to hurt others.

I do not believe man is perfectible, so I understand bad behavior. The Founders of our country understood the lessons of history and studied the mistakes of the past, so as not to repeat the errors. Our modern-day geniuses revel in repeating the mistakes of the past. Socialism has never worked, but progressive Democrats say it will when “the adults are in control.” That’s what Biden said in 2020. How’s that working?

I read that during the American Revolution only a third of colonials fought the British tyrants, a third stayed out of the war and the last third sided with the British. Apparently, we haven’t changed. One-third still side with tyrants who accuse President Trump of the things they are doing. An obvious example is election interference using the injustice system, aka law-fare. Accusing others of what you are already doing seems to be a recurring theme of so-called Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Biden and others. This has become the modus operandi of Democrats who are anything but democratic. In fact, Democrat politicos now preach, “Our democracy.” But that’s the problem. Their definition is not Mr. Webster’s, nor American.

GK Chesterton was a polymath, which is a modern-day word to describe someone like Leonardo da Vinci, a multi-talented man of the Renaissance era. Since learning should never cease — and at least 33% need reeducation — I’ll share the concept of the Chesterton Fence. Simply stated, you should not tear down a fence before you’ve considered why the fence is already in place. The progressive geniuses who control Biden and the White House should have considered why President Trump was constructing a fence along the southern border and why the “remain in Mexico policy” was in the best interests of America, if not migrants. I feel so sorry for the illegals who are freezing in sanctuary cities this winter, being used as Democrat pawns or being trafficked. But perhaps this disaster is what the Democrats intended.

Apparently 33% believe Biden and the government will be able to fix the messes they’ve created. There are good people in government, but collectively our government is a disaster and our “best and brightest” are anything but. They’ve even managed to destroy Americans’ faith in institutions like the Justice Department and the FBI. And anyone who has been to the grocery or bought Christmas presents lately knows Bidenomics is as big a failure as our demented leader. Now, we have cocaine in the White House, sexcapades in Congress, bribes paid in gold bars or wired from America’s enemies to sham LLCs. Crime is rampant and our cities are now dangerous to citizens. Drugged zombies poop on the streets and chaos rages in Ukraine, Palestine and the Horn of Africa, while our soldiers are attacked across the Middle East. All the while, China threatens Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

So, as 2024 dawns, “How Should We Then Live?” This was the title of Francis Schaeffer’s book derived from a passage in Ezekiel 33. God appointed the prophet Ezekiel as a Watchman to the ancient Hebrews. He was sent to warn them of their wicked ways and the need to repent or die. Schaeffer concluded that we should have compassion for the confused (33%). Nonetheless, we must speak the truth (rather than what is politically correct or safe). The Bible is a great compendium of wisdom, history and truth. Finally, Schaeffer proclaims that God is with us.

I find these perspectives reassuring and claim them as marching orders for 2024. Despite our difficulties we are blessed, but it’s time to step up and be counted. We must defeat the progressives who have become regressive. We must become informed and vote. I am boycotting woke companies and will not be “gaslighted” (shamed) into accepting non-reality. Therefore, I will continue to speak the truth in this opinion column, and if it goes silent, you will know they have come for me and you will be next. Lastly, I will continue to study God’s word and pray for the 33%.

My minister recently said, “You may have forgotten about God, but he has not forgotten about you.” And I pray that he will remember America.

My science background demands objectivity or observable data. However, we cannot know everything nor will we ever. This was true 3000 years ago (Proverbs 3:5) and remains true today.

I find it amazing that people embrace the notion that the Universe just happened because of some quantum flux, like a soap bubble arising in the bathtub. Since there is a Creation, I find a Creator a far more compelling argument — even if I can’t write a mathematical equation to explain it.

And I also embrace the unique Christian notion that each of us is loved by the Creator. I find this more compelling and life affirming than any notion of humanism. This, I pray, will sustain me in 2024 and beyond.