Those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it.

George Santayana

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

I was a big fan of the X-Files. Back when we used to trust the FBI, I loved watching agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigate odd mysteries while combating nefarious leadership forces in the Bureau. The tagline for the 1990s television series was, “The truth is out there,” and I believe it is.

One can’t put much stock in television shows – or what actors say. They are facades and bear little resemblance to reality. Nonetheless, the real-life release of the Twitter files by Elon Musk made me think of Mulder and Scully, the fictional truth seekers.

The collusion between the FBI, DOJ and the DNC (Democrat National Committee) with Twitter, Big Tech (Google, Facebook, etc.) and the elite media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, the NYT, Washington Post) to interfere with our elections is a far bigger story than Watergate. Musk released email exchanges to Substack journalist Matt Taibbi who published the high crimes and misdemeanors. But instead of a mea culpa or attempting to explain the facts, the guilty are typically circling the wagons and attacking the messengers with personal (ad hominem) attacks. They have to do this because they are all part of this huge conspiracy.

However, I’m wondering, why would Elon Musk release this information damning the ruling class? Why take the risk of incurring elitist scorn and the inevitable scurrilous attacks? Similarly, why would President Trump choose to again run for president, after experiencing unprecedented attacks on himself, friends and family? I don’t see a business angle for either Musk or Trump. Neither of them needs the money or the hassle. Perhaps President Trump seeks vindication for injustices or to repair his reputation. I don’t see Musk’s ego playing much of a part in his decision to release the Twitter files. Perhaps both Trump and Musk are patriotically pushing back against the great darkness that has spread across our land.

You should never underestimate the Beast or its calling card of depraved hatred. The “Big Lie” is as real now as it was when first imagined in the 1920s (Mein Kampf). Hillary Clinton’s Big Lie was the Russian Collusion fraud which led to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. President Trump was exonerated but nonetheless impeached. Then intelligence agents, colluding with the media and big tech, suppressed the New York Post’s Hunter Biden Laptop story, which contributed to the election of Joe Biden and America’s downfall. And even though Elon Musk creates and launches spaceships, created the Starlink satellite network, and manufactures Teslas, he is not immune to the power of Big Lies; Musk says he voted for Joe Biden.

It is my opinion that nothing will change in America until things become much worse. I hope I’m wrong, but history says otherwise. What we are doing always leads to destruction. Biden and the Democrats are hurting Americans, but it has not yet become critical. The Democrats continue to promote the Russian threat, although Russia is tied down in Ukraine and has trouble at home. Instead of recognizing the huge Chinese threat, Biden has turned his goons loose on Americans he labels as domestic terrorists. Actually, I see America’s move toward Democrat-progressive-socialism and secularism, where government replaces God, as far more dangerous than Russia, China and a few kooky skinheads.

But just when I get discouraged, hope returns with the release of the Twitter files, patriots stepping up despite the risks, Republicans taking the House and will be in charge of investigative committees. Furthermore, sexualization of kids has been exposed through drag queen shows with children and the Balenciaga scandal, despite attempts of The View (aka “The Spew”) to sanitize such depravity. Pedophilia is a perversion and not just the left’s euphemistic phrasing, “adults attracted to children!” Lastly, Disney stock is down nearly 40% with their woke agenda, as their latest “kid” movie with sexual connotations bombs. As John Moody said, “The mouse has left the house,” and so has their wokester CEO, Bob Chapek.

I have no illusion that change will occur with one, two or perhaps even a half dozen elections. Turning the ship of state is difficult. However, dramatic changes began in 2016 with President Trump’s election; and then Covid struck. The China Virus was the nail in the coffin for my Methodist Church, President Trump and perhaps the country. Hatred promoted by devilish forces aided by the corrupt legacy media, the obstructionist Deep State and corrupt Tech Lords in collusion with intelligence agencies has metaphorically brought us America’s dark winter.

But all is not lost, yet. You have to recognize a problem before it can be tackled. Jesus said those who have eyes will see. And those who pay attention understand the problem. Most don’t have a voice to speak out against corruption and the darkness. I have a voice, at least at this time. However, all of us encounter the misguided, and I’ve found the best way to push back is to tactfully say, “I’m sorry, but I do not accept your premise (position).” In other words, politely refuse to accept or normalize something that is wrong. It takes courage to push back. Too often polite southerners don’t challenge the gaslighters who spin lies to intimidate us into accepting their falsehoods.

I realize it can be difficult to confront an ideological bully, but “Freedom is not free.” Recently, I heard an interview with a woman who escaped Communist China. She said, “Don’t surrender your freedom or you might lose your life trying to regain it.”

The first century stoic philosopher Epictetus once said that the only thing you really possess are your thoughts. George Orwell in his novel “1984” challenged this notion. China is suppressing individual thought with their social-credit scores and facial recognition surveillance state. Elitist Klaus Schwab, head of the influential and powerful World Economic Forum, admires the Chinese police state and wants it implemented worldwide.

In his 1961 farewell address, President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex. More recently, the thoughts of conservatives have been suppressed by what I call the government-media complex.

We must say, “No!” to these anti-God, anti-American, anti-freedom elites and the quislings who march in rapturous lock-step to their Big Lies. Take heart, the people of the darkness may number millions, but the people of the Light number hundreds of millions. Don’t stop searching … “The truth is out there.”