By Rosie Moore

It is hard during these chaotic times to think nice thoughts. One has to wonder when will this virus end; when will businesses reopen or close; when will our children go back to school, or will they go back? When can we hug our friends or loved ones with ease? Well, now, let’s forget these thoughts and bring to mind the thoughts that make us smile, make us dream and make us visualize a better life ahead. Here are some thoughts that will do that: They’re called the Best Things in Life:

Falling in love

Laughing so hard your face hurts

A hot shower

No lines at Wal-Mart

Getting mail

Lying in bed listening to the rain outside

Hot towels out of the dryer

Finding a sweater you’ve been wanting on sale for half price

Chocolate milkshake

A bubble bath

Having someone tell you are beautiful

A long conversation with an old friend

Waking up and realizing you still have a few more hours to sleep

Finding a $20 bill in your coat from last year

Your first kiss

Playing with a new puppy

Sweet dreams, and lastly,

Swinging on a swing

Now, don’t you all feel better? Are you smiling? Did any of these thoughts bring back memories? Most of all, did they make you forget the odious problems the world has today? I hope they did.

Thought for the day: Never fear shadows, they simply mean there’s a light shining nearby.  Ruth E. Renkel

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