By John J. Duncan Jr.

Donald Trump lost the presidential election because of the extreme bias of the national news media.

This bias was the main cause of the extreme hatred that millions developed for the president.  The hatred was so strong that one analyst said that most who voted for Joe Biden would have voted for Kermit the Frog if he had been the nominee.

There was no enthusiasm for Biden.  The election boiled down to Trump vs the anti-Trump.

This was seen most clearly in the comparison between the sizes of the crowds the two candidates drew to their campaign events.

The Trump rallies drew 25,000 or more in every state, most with just a day or two notice and at a time the national media was doing everything it could to discourage people from attending what they called “super-spreader” events.

The media even criticized the president for having the big rallies and put a positive spin and even praised Biden for having events to which hardly anyone came.

The media would have made fun of President Trump if he had spoken to a rally with 40 or 50 cars, and they usually would not even show the crowds, or lack thereof, at a Biden event.

The extreme bias could also be seen most clearly in the national media’s refusal (coverup) to report the many millions Hunter Biden and his uncle received from various foreign sources.

If that same news has come out against one of the Trump sons, there would have been constant, 24-hour news stories about that.

I don’t believe there has even been such lopsided, one-sided coverage against a major party presidential candidate as there was against Trump.

Nor has there ever been such positive, favorable coverage as there was for Biden, with the national media doing everything it could to promote a man who was possibly the weakest major party presidential nominee ever.

Just think what the media would have done if Trump had hidden through out the campaign as Joe Biden did for most of it.

And then the media has been like the three monkeys – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil concerning serious reports of fraud.

Thousands of dead people voting, boxes with thousands of votes for Biden, none for Trump, one 23,000 to 0, even groups sitting together to fill in paper main-in ballots.

It should be easy to vote, but not in a system in which it is easy to commit fraud.  With many millions of mail-in ballots floating all around the country, this made it too easy to cheat.

It has been said there is some fraud in every election, but it has never been to this extent in a race for president.

And of course, the national media is turning a blind eye and trying to ignore serious, legitimate reports of fraud because it would question the legitimacy of the election and be a major blemish on their man Joe.

And isn’t it amazing how probably 98% of the election fraud in this country has always been in big cities controlled by Democrats.

If this election was for a much lower level office, the results would be thrown out and a new election would be ordered.

However, because everyone knows the rioters and looters would come out by the thousands if Biden is not sworn in, I really doubt anything will be done.