Trump Indictment Fueled By Hatred, Partisan Politics


By John J. Duncan Jr.


Donald Trump has said and done things in his personal life that his strongest supporters wish he had not said or done.

Many liberals and leftists have said they do not understand how Christians can support such a man. They do not understand, first, that it is not about Trump the personality, it is about his policies.

Trump had the country headed in the right direction. Biden and his people have messed up almost everything: inflation, gas prices, crime, the border, energy, the Afghanistan withdrawal, foreign relations, and on and on.

Second, Christians understand that everyone – even holier-than-thou liberals – have sinned and fallen short. Everyone needs forgiveness.

Third, because Christians do know that all people are sinners, they do not want a government of men and laws. Christians believe as much as humanly possible that we should put our faith, hope and trust in God, not in big government.

Fourth, liberals and leftists seem to have such a high opinion of themselves (and such a low opinion of average Americans) that they believe the federal government should run everything and that liberals should run the government

Their lack of humility has become so obvious that after an unknown man with no money almost won the Governor’s race against the incumbent Democrat in New Jersey, even one of the left-wing analysts on MSNBC said the Democrats needed to try to become “less elitist,”

Fifth, Christians have seen that socialism has failed all over the world and that the only thing it is good at is wiping out the middle class and creating more poverty.

Christians want more people to come up out of poverty. They know too, that only a free market, capitalist society can generate the extra money to do good things for both individuals and the environment.

The worst polluters in the world have been the socialist and communist countries. Big government socialism is bad for both the little guy and the environment.

Now, as to Trump’s indictment – there is a very old saying that a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich. Grand juries are totally controlled by the prosecution. Neither a defendant nor his lawyer are ever present.

This grand jury was controlled by a district attorney that was elected on his promise to indict Trump, so he investigated him on everything.

All he could come up with was a case that the Federal Election Commission decided was not a crime because Trump made a payment out of personal funds, not out of campaign money.

Even though the Justice Department is loaded with career prosecutors who would have loved to have gone after Trump, they decided not to proceed either because the statute of limitations had run out or no law had been broken, or both.

Alan Dershowitz, the famous former Harvard law professor, said he had voted against Trump both times he has run and will vote against him again if he is nominated.

However, Dershowitz says this case is “the weakest” he has ever seen in his 60 years as a lawyer. He said this prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, has obviously “weaponized” the justice system for his own partisan political purposes. There are reports that Bragg wants to run for Governor of New York.

Dershowitz has now written a book called Get Trump, and it says the efforts against him are so great that it is a “threat to civil liberties, due process, and our constitutional rule of law”.

Another power-hungry, publicity-seeking prosecutor in Atlanta may indict Trump because he questioned the last election.

There is such a double standard here. I was still in Congress when many Democrats stood on the floors of the House and Senate to question the 2016 election. No one in the media ever criticized them and no prosecutors threatened to indict them.

When Trump and many of the Republicans in Congress questioned the 2020 election, the national media and the entire liberal establishment acted like they had committed a horrible crime.

Over 6,000 law professors and law students signed a petition to have Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, Harvard and Yale-trained lawyers, disbarred.

About three weeks ago, students at Stanford Law School shouted down a respected federal appeals court judge and wouldn’t allow him to speak because he was a conservative.

Have our universities and especially our law schools all become leftist brainwashing factories where diversity of opinion is not even allowed?