Tucker Carlson A Courageous Journalist

By John J. Duncan Jr.


Those in the media who are not supporting Tucker Carlson’s release of the January 6th video tapes from inside the U.S. Capitol should be ashamed.

Their silence has been deafening. In the future, their statements in favor of freedom of the press and against government secrecy will ring very hollow.

It is obvious why Democrats wanted to keep these tapes secret. They show that almost all the protesters who entered the Capitol that day did so in a peaceful, non-violent way.

In fact, many entered or walked through doors held open for them by Capitol Police.

The tapes show beyond a shadow of a doubt that the narrative by the Democrats and their lapdogs in the media was false or, at the very least, greatly exaggerated.

They show that the description of the events of that day as a “violent insurrection” is just ridiculous.

And most ridiculous of all was the statement by the Vice-President, Kamala Harris, trying to make Jan. 6th as bad as what happened on Dec. 7th and/or 9/11. Everyone who lost loved ones or family members at Pearl Harbor or at the World Trade Center or the Pentagon on those days should have been offended.

The only person who lost her life on Jan. 6th was Ashli Babbitt, a young military veteran who was shot in the back by a trigger-happy Capitol policeman who was not threatened by her in any way.

I said in my first column after Jan. 6th that some of the people who broke into the Capitol or into private offices or damaged property should be prosecuted, but not people who simply walked peacefully through public parts of the Capitol with Capitol Police acting almost as tour guides.

I understand the political motives of Democrats who want to make Trump supporters look as bad and even as dangerous as possible.

Thus, it is also easy to understand their great embarrassment at the release of these tapes which they tried so hard to keep secret.

However, it is almost impossible to understand why anyone who claims to be a true journalist would be willing to aid the Democrats in this cover-up.

Any reporter or journalist who defends this government secrecy does not deserve the title and has become an arm of the Democratic National Committee.

I do realize that there is a very great amount of professional jealousy in the media just as there is in most professions, and many are very jealous of Tucker Carlson, who has the number one show on cable television today.

If the shoe was on the other foot and a liberal reporter had been able to uncover and publicize secret tapes held by a conservative administration, the reporter would probably be awarded a Pulitzer Prize.

I also understand why Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney , and a very few other Republicans have criticized Tucker Carlson for this release.

Almost all Republicans realize that most in the national media are in bed with the Democrats. But most Republicans at the national level play up to the media in hopes of neutralizing them or maybe even occasionally getting a little praise.

Some like McConnell, Romney, and a few others would rather be praised by the Washington Post and New York Times and the liberal media than they would by their own constituents.

McConnell has spent much more time in Washington, D.C., since being elected than he has in Kentucky, and Romney grew up in Michigan, was governor of Massachusetts, has a vacation home in New Hampshire, and has spent most of his life in places other than the state of Utah he supposedly represents.

As a former Criminal Court Judge, I know that all over this country people charged with murder, rape, and other serious felonies have been allowed to make bond. Also, their lawyers are supposed to be given access to any evidence, such as video tapes, that might be favorable to the defendant.

The Jan. 6th tapes show that the nut who has falsely been portrayed as the leader of the protesters walked peacefully around the Capitol with at least nine different policemen with or near him at all times, and he even said a prayer on the Senate floor giving thanks for officers.

To give him a four-year sentence, continuing to hold other defendants even now without bail, withholding evidence from them and their lawyers, and prosecuting one man for over a year who simply walked into the Capitol for less than one minute without hurting any person or property – all add up to a travesty of justice.