By Dr. Jim Ferguson
Like Rodney King, I wish we could all “just get along.” But, how is it possible to coexist with hate-driven insanity? Jesus himself refused to compromise with hypocritical Pharisees. Jesus’ language (tweets?) in the 23rd chapter of Matthew is harsh, but measured when compared to the New York Times disgusting tweet on 9/11 stating that planes “took aim at…and brought down the Twin Towers.” No, Islamic terrorists killed nearly 3000 people on 9/11! Those monsters and that day “will [always] live in infamy.”

How can you defeat an enemy if you can’t name it? We had no problem calling out murderous German Nazis in WWII. But that was then and now we send to the People’s House Democrats like Ilhan Omar who said of the 9/11 attack that “Some people did something.” But hatred and insanity are not limited to Omar and the Squad. Every Democrat Presidential candidate is driven by hatred of President Trump and their unhinged progressive-socialist base. And now, despite two thirds of Americans opposing impeachment of President Trump, Nadler and Pelosi are proceeding with endless investigations and litigation instead of legislating.

What if you discovered a coworker had lied to you for two and a half years? Would you continue to listen and trust? CNN, MSNBC, NYT and the Washington Post promised their base that Trump would be gone by now, yet he continues “Making America Great Again.”

Trump amazes me with his energy and his ability to survive and thrive despite Comey’s attempted coup d’état, predicated on the false narrative of Russian collusion. Trump has survived the 90% negative media coverage, Fake News and the hatred of the Washington Swamp. So what if he tweets. How can he otherwise get his message out? People say they wish he were more genteel in his messages. I no longer accept that false premise. “Give’em Hell,” Mr. President. I love Harry Truman’s perspective: “I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.”

As I pen this essay, the Democrat Presidential candidates are preparing for their “debate,” which is anything but. How do you describe your vision for America in sixty seconds manipulated by media handlers? These pseudo debates should be billed as gladiatorial combat without swords or tridents. What could possibly go wrong with the media in charge of producing a spectacle?

Actually, I like Tulsi Gabbard, but she won’t be at the debate Thursday night because the Democrat National Committee didn’t certify her entry. This, despite the fact that her ranking in RealClearPolitics average of polls is higher than that of Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Andrew Yang and the bozo, Beto. Is it possible that Gabbard’s attack on media darling Kamala Harris during the last debate has something to do with this?

In traveling home from Portland, Oregon, I spent considerable time in airport terminals and was forced to endure the equivalent of “tweets” from CNN television monitors. You may not know that CNN pays airports to televise their bilge. I use Bose ear phones when flying to protect my hearing, and to avoid Wolf Blitzer’s Tweetle-dumb.

When I was in medical school I developed tinnitus and was told I had the hearing loss of a seventy year old man – at least that is what I remember “hearing” the doctor say forty-five years ago. For a long time, I was concerned I might not be able to finish my career.

When I became a doctor in the early 1970s, I was educated in the fine art of using a stethoscope. However, this time-honored instrument is in danger of becoming obsolete, like slide rules which were replaced by calculators. The medical students I now teach are more apt to report the echocardiogram or CT findings than how the heart and lungs sound. I tell them that the stethoscope is not an ornament to be wrapped around the neck like a stage prop. In the middle of the night, their decisions may depend on listening carefully and thinking logically.

High frequency sounds are more difficult for me to hear due to the ringing in my ears (tinnitus) and presbycusis (an older person’s hearing changes). Since I am in my sixty-ninth year, the doctor’s prognosis of long ago has become a reality. Over the years I have adapted by listening carefully with my stethoscope and using my brain. And I preserve my hearing by no longer hunting, using ear protection in airplanes, around chainsaws and near “tweeting” CNN television sets.

As I listen to the proposals of the Democrat Presidential candidates, I marvel at Green New Deals and free stuff for illegals paid for by people like me. Unlike Bozo, Becky and I give significantly from our blessings, but I resent having money taken from us. And I reject the notion I am part of the problem because I eat meat or use straws (Buttegieg). I didn’t think anything could be more ridiculous than allowing prisoners to vote (Bernie) until I heard Elizabeth Warren‘s proposal to eliminate nuclear reactors as well as fossil fuels. Perhaps she wants to make us dependent on foreign suppliers of energy again. Warren’s proposal to get rid of fracking, which has made us energy independent, is sheer lunacy, but then she is a progressive-socialist.

I was blessed to be born in America and to have discovered my talents through opportunity, hard work and dedication. However, my time on this mortal coil is fast drawing to an end. How ironic that this prodigal has finally figured things out! What the country decides next year will affect me less than the XYZ generations – but most don’t realize their peril. Too many have listened to the Democrat’s Siren Song and expect free stuff from socialism.

If the Democrat-progressive-socialists gain power, there won’t be any inheritance, young people. Elizabeth Warren has already promised a wealth tax to take from those who have worked hard and saved, and dole it out to have nots and illegals.

Perhaps the movie title No Country for Old Men will become a reality November 2020. If so, I may cash in my 401K and start sailing around and around the world until I run out of money and then get in line for a government handout.