By Ralphine Major

As I pen this column, two major events of the week weigh on my mind—voting and veterans.  It is quite interesting to note how closely the two are related.

Americans have just elected a new president to lead our country for the next four years.  It is the civic duty of every citizen to participate in the election process.  I am reminded of an inspiring story I read about someone who almost did not vote this year.  Then, he was reminded of the times years ago when he witnessed an elderly man who made his way to vote in a wheelchair before all buildings were wheelchair accessible.  That memory changed his mind, and he went to vote.

The week ended with the ever important Veterans Day, a day celebrated with parades and special ceremonies to honor those who have served the United States, those still active in the service, and the many who sacrificed all.  It is because of our veterans that we have the freedom and opportunity to cast a vote.

Here is a prayer for November and beyond that God bless America, guide and protect her leaders, bless those who have served her, and protect those who still defend her today!