By Rosie Moore

Well, I finally did it! After living a fairly active life, I finally became a couch potato. It wasn’t my fault; it was entirely the cause of the pandemic we are having. I may have been a couch potato somewhat but not to this degree. I do my three favorite things while watching TV, reading, knitting, and watching movies. I don’t sit there all day, but usually two hours in the afternoon, I will indulge myself. My son set me up with Netflix and I’m so glad he did. You won’t believe this, but I can knit one row then purl one row while watching a movie.

Let me tell you some of the fabulous series I have seen. When Calls the Heart and Anne with an E are on the top of the list. When Calls the Heart is the story of a school teacher who falls in love with a Royal Mounted Canadian Policeman. This was back in the day when a group of children of different ages met in a one-room schoolhouse. The scenery was spectacular.

Anne with an E is the story of an orphan who is adopted by an elderly brother and sister and it traces the ups and downs of their lives. There’s also a love story involved. My son calls love stories in movies “girly” movies, because they’re the kind that women love to watch. I remember reading “Anne of Green Gables,” from which this movie is taken, in high school, but it eluded me until I watched it.

Royal Pains is about two brothers who are doctors and it consists of their work making people well. The scenery is also magnificent. One of the brothers is married while the other one loves them all. The escapades they go through to work their marvelous craft in operating on human bodies and making them well is fascinating.

There are many, many other movies or “series” such as Virgin River, Broadchurch, Medici, Good Girls, The King’s Speech, Also, there are older movies, such as Driving Miss Daisy, A League of Their Own, Forrest Gump,    There are the sitcoms such as Madam Secretary, Parks and Recreation, the West Wing, and The Office. I know, these aren’t movies, but enjoyable programs. I love watching Cheers before I go to bed.  There are literally thousands of movies to feast your eyes upon. To me, a good movie is like a good book. They are a way to submit to another fantastical world. They will be full of crime, passion, music, mystery, and love–anything to keep us riveted.  Another nice part of them is the characters. You become so attached to them, they seem like friends.  I think the Netflix channel is the best to watch. Indulge yourself, you’ll love it!

Thought for the day: Reason can answer questions, but imagination ask to ask them.  Dr. Ralph Gerard


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