By Dr. Jim Ferguson

I feel like a soldier awaiting the signal to charge enemy lines. I never vote until election day because I don’t trust early voting where ballots might get lost or not even counted unless they’re necessary to decide a close vote. Perhaps I’m being silly and electronic voting is different, and all votes will be counted. However, rumors of voter fraud and machine tampering abound, and trust in the government is at an all time low. Perhaps we’re safe in Tennessee where there are no dangling chads. Amazingly, Florida still uses #2 pencils to darken circles on a ballot. You need to watch those Gators, and we need to be alert at our polling sites.

Actually, like most of us, my mind is made up. Perhaps there are some American zombies who haven’t gotten the message how they should vote, and don’t realize the choice is between the political outsider who has no fingerprints on America’s decline, and the career politician who has been involved with Washington’s corruption for decades. There’s only a few days till America’s Armageddon, and we will receive our judgement and sentence.

Perhaps we’ve become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. You can’t deny the financial success of pop culture and the twerking pornography of Beyonce and Miley Cyrus. And the so-called news media will do anything to titillate and garner voyeurs as evidenced by Megyn Kelly parading in strapless leather outfits on her TV “news” show, then hypocritically whining about Trump’s alleged treatment of women as sexual objects. The same media ignores Hillary Clinton (HRC) enabling of her philandering husband as she denigrated the  women who accused Bill Clinton of overt attacks (not men’s locker room bombast). Hillary Clinton also blamed the “vast right wing conspiracy” for Bubba’s troubles. And the Obama’s celebration of gangster rappers with their misogynist lyrics at the White House is equally hypocritical and disgusting.

As I write this essay, the “news” is filled with issues that have nothing to do with our broken economy and healthcare (Obamacare), illegal immigration, terrorism, the corruption in Washington and the lies of Hillary Clinton and Obama. The perverse media and the Washington ruling class want us to ignore the average huge increases in Obamacare premiums (and deductibles) for 2017 (>60% increase in Tennessee and 116% in Arizona). Obamacare was predicated on lies that we could keep our doctor, our insurance plan and expect to pay $2,500 a year less for health care. No Republican voted for this monstrosity which Joe Biden excitedly said was a “big f***ing deal.” Yes, Uncle Joe it is, and Democrats should choke on it at the ballot box!

Obamacare is now on life support kept alive by government deals with insurance companies and subsidies taken from the pockets of some American citizens and given to others. Either Obamacare policy wonks like Johnathan Gruber were as incompetent as the interface his ilk tried to design, or they were just lying to us. We have heard Gruber and Obama repeatedly bragging that Obamacare was designed to fail as the first step to single payer, government controlled healthcare. And since Hillary Clinton was labeled a “congenital liar” by even her pals at the New York Times, I don’t believe she wants to fix her boss’s mess despite what she says.

And do you think Hillary Clinton is capable or even wants to fix the corruption of the IRS or the State Department which she led as Secretary? Do you believe that Clinton and the Democrats who run failed cities like Detroit can fix the mess at the Veterans Administration? Do you believe Clinton is culpable in the Benghazi disaster and then lied about it? Do you believe she set up an email server in her basement to conceal clandestine communications between her State Department, Obama and donors to her Clinton Foundation buying access to the corridors of power in Washington? Clinton’s dishonesty and corruption has been revealed in her  emails released by WikiLeaks. And now we learn that Obama used the clandestine server and lied to the American people about it. People have said that if we had an investigative press like Watergate’s Woodward and Bernstein we wouldn’t need WikiLeaks.

Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician to ever run for President. Everyday we learn more about the Clinton campaign’s deception. Clinton, Podesta and Democrats don’t deny what they said and did, they just blame the Russians for hacking into their computer and WikiLeaks for telling us about their corruption. The Russians said they didn’t do it. And Julian Assange of WikiLeaks also denied these allegations. Is it good judgement to provoke a nuclear power and Putin with such unsubstantiated allegations? WikiLeaks now claims they have the 33,000 emails HRC erased with a military grade scrubber. These repeated releases seem personal, and this October surprise just keeps coming.

The media tells us that anyone with brains hates Trump. Yet, they never explain why HRC’s negatives are comparable to Trump’s. Even Oprah says we should vote for Clinton even if we don’t like her. Ms. Winfrey, I’m an informed citizen, reasonably intelligent and, despite his flaws, I think Trump is a leader and has proven himself far more capable than “crooked Hillary.”

No one knows what’s going to happen November 8, 2016. Polls like the ABC/Washington Post are skewed and survey 7-12% more Democrats than Republicans. Historically, the national breakdown shows there are 2.5-3% more Democrats than Republicans. And despite pollsters manipulations and the fact that 91% of “news” stories are negative for Trump, they haven’t been able to knock him out. Now, the polls are tightening as pollsters need to reflect accurate data so they can be perceived as reliable in the next election cycle.

One thing is certain in this otherwise desperate situation where disinformation abounds. Donald Trump is not only opposed by the Hillary-Obama-Democrat cabal, but also the Wall Street bankers, the alphabet corporate media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, NYT, etc.) the ruling class of Washington, the donor class, the entitlement crowd and anarchists like George Soros. We The People are also engaged in a barely civil war with this bunch of reprobates who have brought our country to the brink of destruction. It’s time for HOPE and REAL CHANGE.