We Were Misled Into A Rush For An Ineffective Vaccine

By John J. Duncan Jr.

Just like most now realize we rushed into a very unnecessary war in Iraq years ago, it is becoming obvious that we rushed into taking a very ineffective, often harmful Covid vaccine.

The world was scared into this fraud by a media that over-sensationalizes almost everything, a Democratic Party that was desperate to defeat Donald Trump, and pharmaceutical giants that wanted to and did make billions of dollars off a vaccine paid for by the taxpayers.

This nation led the world, seduced by the most lavish lobbying and public relations campaign in the history of mankind. It made at least nine newly-minted billionaires out of top Big Pharma executives.

Millions of children and adults were harmed mentally and/or physically across the world by this vaccine that was rushed to production without the years of research and testing given to or required of other major vaccines.

And while the numbers are all over the board and still uncertain, it is a conservative estimate that worldwide several million suffered adverse reactions to the vaccines and that many thousands were killed.

And all this was caused by a panic created about a virus that was no risk to those under 21 and minimal risk to those under 65.

One country reported that 90% of its Covid deaths were in people 80 or above, which was probably true of every country when reporting deaths caused by Covid and not just deaths with Covid.

At one point our own CDC said 94% of so-called Covid deaths were with co-morbidities such as heart failure, strokes, pneumonia, diabetes, falls and accidents, or simply old age which were probably the main causes.

Because hospitals were given more money for Covid deaths, they were incentivized into reporting huge and distorted numbers that way.

Regular readers of my column know that my wife of a little over one year, Vickie and I both lost our first spouses to very serious illnesses. Her first husband died after roughly five years with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, but because he had Covid, too – although certainly not the main cause – she was reimbursed for part of his funeral expenses.

Now, almost every week some new research or a new study comes out showing that the vaccine was more harmful than was first thought.

Of course, at first the pharmaceutical companies claimed that their vaccines were as high as 95% or 98% effective and they implied that if you got both of the first two shots you would not get Covid.

Later, when more people who had been vaccinated got Covid than those who had not been vaccinated, the song became that if you were vaccinated, your Covid would be “less severe”.

On June 5, a study by top South Korean researchers showed that Myocarditis likely killed hundreds of healthy young adults due to their mRNA Covid vaccines.

On June 6, a Veterans Administration study was reported of 63,281 vaccinated veterans compared to 27,055 who chose to remain unvaccinated. The unvaccinated had 15.86 hospitalized or dead per thousand, while the double-dosed had 24.90 hospitalizations/deaths per thousand, and those who were vaccinated and boosted had 27 hospitalizations/deaths per thousand.

Alex Berenson, the former New York Times science reporter who now devotes full time to fighting the Covid fraud, reported on May 22 that a study of three million women by Swedish researchers showed that women over 45 had a high risk of severe vaginal bleeding after receiving the MRNA Covid shots. And the risk was even higher after the third shot than after the first two.

Also, on May 16, he reported that a new paper from Northwestern University said Covid had a “relatively low mortality rate” compared to other respiratory illnesses.

In April, it was reported that German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, previously a vaccine supporter, gave an interview in which he denounced “exorbitant” pharmaceutical profits, spoke of “dismaying” numbers of vaccine injuries, and said manufacturers should provide compensation for those who have been harmed.

Liberals seem to believe or at least act as though their God is big government. Thus, they became Covid fanatics sometimes even wearing masks when driving alone in their cars. They became extremely angry at those who refused to wear masks or who were very reluctant to do so. One woman screamed angrily at the governor of Virginia when he didn’t have his on.

This anger occurred even though there was no long-term or even short-term scientific study showing that masks and social distancing were effective at all against Covid.

The same people who were quick to shout “my body, my choice” about abortion were very hypocritical when demanding compliance with government-ordered vaccine mandates.

Liberals who have difficulty running their own lives seem to believe they can run everybody else’s life. Yet, every day Covid vaccinations face more and more cultural and social repudiation.

Demand for more Covid vaccinations has dropped off drastically as many more realize how far they were misled. Unfortunately, because the Covid vaccines have been so discredited, it may cause people to lose faith in other vaccines which have proven to be effective over time.