Well, at least he’s not Trump!

By Dr. Harold A. Black



That the Left overplays its hand seems to be universal. In this country, the majority of its citizens do not approve of the Biden Administration. Pushing gender identity and Critical Race Theory in all cabinet departments, including the military, the Afghanistan fiasco, the open southern border, vaccines mandates, turning the FBI into domestic terrorists, prosecuting those who vocally disagree with the administration, disastrous energy policy, failures in foreign policy, inflation, energy prices, the surge in crime, drug deaths, supply chain fiasco, baby formula shortage, the war on parents protesting federal dictates to their schools, the incredible preponderance of executive orders and the massive increase in spending mostly payoffs to their supporters have created an economic disaster that few of us thought could occur in such a short period of time. Most pundits predict that the voters will repudiate the Democrats in the midterm elections and vote in a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate. Personally, I don’t understand how anyone could vote for a Democrat who does not repudiate Biden’s policies. Yet their silence is deafening. The Democrats are trying to run on abortion and against Donald Trump. One of my friends says that the only good thing Biden has done was to defeat Donald Trump and would vote again for Biden if Trump runs.

In Europe, right wing parties have arisen in response to the socialists in the EU and won elections in Poland, Sweden and Italy. I found it amusing the reactions to Italy from both the left and the right in this country. Those on the left called the party with the most votes – the Brothers of Italy – a fascist organization due to its past. Yet Democrats were this country’s most vocal racists. They opposed the freeing of the slaves and rioted when the Emancipation Proclamation was announced. Democrats were the Klu Klux Klan, the Dixiecrats and Jim Crow. Yet the Democrats dismiss as fascists the Brothers of Italy when they themselves are the political descendants of racists. Those on the right have talked about the massive victory in Italy and that American politicians should take heed and speak directly to the issues. Yet the Brothers of Italy only received 26% of the vote – not exactly a ringing vote of confidence. It is only when all the votes of their coalition are totaled do they reach 44%, still not a ringing vote of confidence. However, what is notable is that Italy’s soon to be prime minister, Giorgia Meloni does not mince words. She preaches God, family and country. For that, the mainstream media smears her and her party as far right fascists.

Here in this country, few of the leaders of the Republican party are like Meloni. Their utterances are milquetoast. Sure there are some representatives and senators who do not mince words. Yet their legislative leaders have sat on their hands while the Biden Administration is undermining the foundations of the country and literally ripping the country apart. You would think that the Republican leadership would shut down the business of the government while the border remains wide open, while Biden is throwing billions at his green energy cronies and attempting to alter the social fabric of the country. But they are not. I think that there would be a more resounding victory if Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell took their cue from Meloni and emphasized God, family and country. They have a template from Harriet Hageman who handed Liz Chaney an emphatic beatdown. Her “fed up” speech was one of the best I have ever heard (https://www.c-span.org/video/?c5026082/user-clip-harriet-hageman-fed-speech). I know McCarthy and McConnell are looking forward to becoming majority leaders but I wish for stronger leadership from the Republicans.a