By Joe Rector

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. The last two years have been filled with reports, lies, indictments, and now, exoneration. My head is spinning from it all. What lies ahead?

I didn’t vote for this president, and to be honest, I don’t like him. I was sure that he was dead-dog guilty of collusion with the Russian government in the election. According to [summary of] the Mueller report, he wasn’t. I take this report at its word because I respect the man behind it.

For so long, I’ve kept up with this entire situation, and because I’m such a political junkie, too many hours of my life have been spent in front of the television screen. I now can identify many individuals who report the news but whom I never even heard of before this process began. I also know almost every angle of this investigation from both sides of the aisle.

So, now the report is in the hands of the head of the Department of Justice. He will decide how much of it is released to the congress and to the public. Some parts are certainly to be redacted because they might violate the laws concerning grand jury testimony. The White House will claim executive privilege on other parts. My suspicion is that the American people, whose tax dollars paid for this investigation, will never be able to view the entire report. To be honest, most folks won’t look at any form of it and make their own decisions; instead, they’ll tune in to television or check their social media platforms to discover what is included.

The fact is that this affair is over. The time is here for the representatives of our government to get busy with running the country. We have plenty of concerns: climate change, infrastructure, rising healthcare costs, rising debt, and immigration reform. I am much more concerned about the fight over building a wall for which Mexico will pay and the right-to-life debate. I want our leaders to maintain our alliances with countries with whom we hold similar values and to explain for our foes what is and is not acceptable conduct from them.

Many people on one side cry that Robert Mueller let them down and allowed Trump to survive. The fact is that our system is what is responsible for this and other presidents. The popular vote turned one way, but the electoral college ushered in Trump. This president was elected because he tapped into millions who felt that they’d been abandoned.

Whether or not his policies have helped or hurt his constituents has yet to be decided. Yes, the economy is running well now; let’s hope a slow down or recession isn’t on the way. His tax policies helped spike the economy, and all want that spike to continue. Time will tell.

To those who are unhappy with the results of the Mueller probe, I say you must not be sore losers. Sure, many investigations are still ongoing, and perhaps the president, his family, and his cronies will face juries of their peers in the future. However, Donald Trump is president. If those against him are unhappy, you have the chance to oust him in two years. You can simply present a candidate who better appeals to the voters of this nation, someone who energizes folks to such a degree that they get off their lazy butts and take part in the process. That candidate can’t be someone who is the polar opposite of the president. It must be an individual who appeals to the moderate majority in this country.

If folks don’t like the situation, they can change it. If they refuse to participate, I say it’s time for them to sit down and shut up.