What’s the Difference Between a Parcel, Tract and a Lot?

By Jedidiah McKeehan

A parcel, a tract, and a lot. If you say it five times fast, you may have a decent tongue twister on your hands.

What do these terms mean though? Is there any difference between them? Let’s see how these terms are commonly defined.

A parcel is defined as, “a piece of land that has been legally divided from a larger area of land.”

A tract is defined as, “an identifiable portion of land, that is often a very large area of land, most commonly a tract consists of 640 acres.”

A lot is defined as, “a plot of land, typically .19 acres or 8,276 square feet, which is enough for a new single-family home.”

So, a parcel is an area that has been divided off from a bigger area of land and it has an undefined size. A tract is a big area of land that may be a defined size, but it may not. A lot seems to be a small, mostly defined area of land.


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