By John J. Duncan Jr.

Not many are bragging about voting for Biden now.

I doubt you could find more than just a tiny percentage of the American people who would say they were proud they voted for Joe Biden for president.

In fact, one poll taken shortly after the election found that 17% said they would not have voted for him if they had known about the scandals surrounding Hunter Biden.

Most Biden voters seem almost embarrassed to admit they voted for him and try to rationalize their vote by saying it was not really for Biden, it was just against Trump.

Biden would not have won if the national media had not protected him and covered up his weaknesses and scandals.

Just think how the national media would have reacted if a Republican candidate had hidden in his basement during the campaign as Joe Biden did, with very limited public appearances.

And, just think what the national media would have done if one of Trump’s sons had done all the scandalous things Hunter Biden has.

There is clearly one standard for Democrat candidates and another unfair, even hateful one for Republicans.

I got a degree from UT in journalism in 1969. Back in those days, there was a clear delineation between news pages and editorial pages.

In good, honest old-fashioned journalism, reporters would never have been allowed to write in front-page news stories that a president’s claims that an election was stolen were “obviously false.”

One survey several years ago found that 93% of the national media had voted for the Democrat candidate for president.

And this was before Trump who was clearly the most-hated candidate ever by members of the national media. Reporters are seemingly not even allowed to write about the election without repeating the mantra that Trump’s claims are false.

Democrats have repeated this charge that Trump’s claims are false so often, it is almost as if deep down inside they know there is some truth to his charge that the election was stolen.

They were also obsessively eager to repeat that 58 courts have ruled against Trump on his election charges. The problem with that is that not one court has allowed the case to be heard in full, on its merits, in front of a jury.

Every judge comes into office through some type of political process, whether by appointment or election. Yet almost every judge, especially appointed ones, hates to admit that politics had anything to do with their being on the bench.

Not one of the judges who heard part of the Trump election claims had the guts to allow the case to go to trial. They knew they would be crucified by the national media if they did not dismiss Trump’s claims.

And almost all judges, even though most are very nice people, are very sensitive to publicity and cannot stand any criticism.

Protection by the national media was the biggest factor in the Biden victory. But the second biggest was covid.

Jane Fonda said covid was a “gift to the Left,” and the Democrats leaped on it for all it was worth.

Trump had the economy booming. Gas was less than half of what it is now. There was almost no inflation. Our southern border was secure. Illegals and drugs were not flowing in.

If Trump had remained as president, we would not have left 85 billion in new military equipment behind, and Putin would never have come into Ukraine.

Covid was blown way out of proportion so Democrats could shut down the economy for political purposes. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of small businesses went under because of false and greatly exaggerated claims about covid.

Now, the far Left is in control, and everyone is hurting except for the elitists in control of the federal government and their friends in extremely big business.