By Dr. Harold A. Black


Even though I have lived amongst white people since I was 17 years old, I don’t pretend to understand them. Why do whites condemn white supremacy if they are white? It seems to me that if whites are opposed to white supremacy, then they should do something about it and I don’t mean trying to find some kook uber racist group to label as terrorists. Consider that Joe Biden has condemned those who use white supremacy “for power, political gain and for profit”. If he is serious then he should resign and cede the presidency to Kamala Harris. Attorney General Garland has testified that white supremacy poses the most serious domestic national security threat in the U.S. Again, Garland should resign and give his position to a person of color. The governor of Washington in 2022 in a speech listed objectivity and individualism as examples of white supremacy. This is from a white guy. The Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture listed traits of white supremacy: rugged individualism; the nuclear family; objective, rational linear thinking; hard work; Christianity; respect for authority; planning for the future; delayed gratification; action orientation decision-making; and being polite. Does this mean that I’m a white supremacist?
Consider that white supremacy abounds among the white “elites.” When the nominations for the Oscars were announced, the director of a movie named “Till” condemned the academy as being “aggressively committed to upholding whiteness” after she failed to earn a best director nomination. Halle Berry’s acceptance speech when she was awarded an Oscar for best actress thanked the black actresses who came before her. No other black woman had won the best actress award. The others have been best supporting actresses. Yes, even in the wokeness that is Hollywood, white supremacy prevails. No Oscar nominee for acting was black, prompting the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. So much for progressive equity in Hollywood. Despite the movies seeming to overrepresent blacks and to put a gay couple in every movie, Hollywood behind the cameras is still overwhelmingly dominated by straight white males. Again, if Hollywood were serious about equality and equity, all the whites should resign and give their positions and roles to minorities.
There is even a website stating there were “101 Ways White Liberal and Progressive Women Perpetuate White Supremacy.” Egads! 101 ways? Biden’s deputy director in the Department of Education stated that democracy was based on white supremacy. Who knew? So does she favor Marxism, like the leaders of Black Lives Matter? Wasn’t Marx white and a Londoner? Maybe Marx gets a pass since he looked a lot like Frederick Douglass.
Everywhere you look you see signs of white supremacy. Schools are teaching Critical Race Theory which classifies all whites – even progressives – as racist. The education establishment is dominated by white liberals who are obviously white supremacists because they refuse to teach black kids how to read, write and do arithmetic, choosing instead to lower standards for grade advancement and graduation. Time Magazine published an article claiming that exercise perpetuates the legacy of white supremacy. How? I’m not quite sure because the whole article makes little sense to me.
What about academia? One college had an op ed asking if white people should be kicked out of parties hosted by minority organizations. Many universities have used their departments of diversity, equity and inclusion to host anti-whiteness seminars. Some have called whites parasites and advocated abolishing whiteness. There are a multitude of other examples, most of who are from whites who obviously hate themselves and virtually are all at universities with whites in the principal leadership positions. Again, they also should resign and give their positions to people of color.
So I ask, why do whites hate white people? You may say that all the white folks talking about the evils of white supremacy are only speaking about extreme racists who would do violence to minorities, but does it? Violence need not be physical. Not educating children does more violence to minorities than the Ku Klux Klan ever did. Hollywood, Joe Biden, the Biden Administration and academia are all dominated by white people who despite making the appropriate clucking sounds are obviously just making empty noises. I guess this what is meant by “white noise.”