By Rosie Moore
I like these thoughts I read one day in my little booklet, “Our Daily Thoughts.”.  They seemed so apropos to this time. Let me share them with you.
“Alexa, Amazon’s voice-controlled device, has an interesting feature. It can erase everything you say. Whatever you’ve asked Alexa to do, whatever information you’ve asked Alexa to retrieve, one simple sentence, (“Delete everything I said today”) sweeps it all clean, as if it never happened. It’s too bad that the rest of our life doesn’t have this capability. Every misspoken word, every disgraceful act, every moment we wish we could erase–we’d just speak the command, and the entire mess would disappear.
“There’s good news. though. God does offer each of us a clean heart. Only, He goes so far deeper than merely deleting our mistakes or bad behavior. God provides redemption, a deep healing that transforms us and makes us new. ‘Return to me”, He says. : I have redeemed you.’ Even though Israel rebelled and disobeyed, God reached out to them with lavish mercy. He swept away their offenses like a cloud, their sins like the morning mist. He gathered all their shame and failures and washed them away with His wide, sweeping grace.”
What beautiful words, some of them from the book of Isaiah. Take them to your heart.

Thought for the day:
Do all the good you can
In all the ways you can
To all the souls you can
In every place you can
At all the times you can
With all the zeal you can
As long as ever you can.

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