By Dr. Jim Ferguson


“It is enough that people know there was an election. The people who cast votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Joseph Stalin

I cannot accept a president elected by deceit. More than 72 million Americans voted for President Trump and they will not be satisfied until the election irregularities in Michigan, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Arizona have been thoroughly investigated. Obama once said that American elections cannot be corrupted. We now doubt our Republic’s most sacred institution.

I do not accept the news media’s coronation of Joe Biden. The media referred to Al Gore as the president-elect for five weeks in 2000, until he wasn’t. If Joe Biden wins fairly, I will support him as duly elected. If we don’t investigate the allegations of election fraud then we are unworthy as a people and the country is lost.

I voted for President Trump, not for his personality, but for his policy achievements. Actually, I don’t know the man. What I know of him is his palpable love of America. The Greek language recognizes seven different types of love. Examples are: agape (sacrificial love), eros (erotic love), pragma (shared love as in a marriage). I love my wife and I also love chocolate, but these are not the same.

Syllogism is a basic form of logical analysis. Simplistically, if A equals C, and B equals C, then A equals B. Perhaps my love of Donald Trump is a new type of love I’ll call syllogistic-love. The president loves America. I love America. Therefore, I can love Trump based on our shared love of America and the Constitution.

Millions of Americans voted for Joe Biden, not out of love or for his accomplishments during forty-seven years in government. Arguably, many voted for Joe Biden out of an ignoble hatred of Donald Trump. One might argue that hate has trumped love, but then you would have to accept the current election results and at this point I do not.

It is argued that both sides cheat, but if that is true why are voting fraud allegations always directed toward Democrats? I cannot recall a single incident where thousands of ballots were suddenly discovered and were “100% for one candidate” (Joe Biden), and the rest of the down-ballot voting choices were left blank.

So well-known is the Democrat vote machine in Chicago that a TV series The Good Wife cavalierly dramatized voting abuses in Chicago. The voting irregularities in six states have now precipitated a constitutional crisis which must be investigated or 72 million voters will never accept Joe Biden.

I am not a computer expert and terms like “linear transfer analysis” and the “weighted tabulation feature” in computer voting machine programs are way “beyond my paygrade,” to quote Obama. Actually, I had never heard of these terms until last week. Apparently, Dominion Voting Systems, a Canadian company now located in Denver, is at the center of the 2020 vote machine imbroglio. This company’s software is used in more than half of Michigan counties and in 33 other states. Voting fraud has been alleged after a noteworthy switch of 6000 presidential votes in Antrim County, Michigan. Nationwide, 450,000 votes have been reportedly switched by the Dominion Voting System.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I now have doubts about not only uncertified ballots (last week’s essay), but also vote counting systems. After being repeatedly lied to over the last four years, I don’t trust the media.  I do believe that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord Acton)

There is a difference between making a mistake and obstinate denial of reality. The media and Democrats allege that Trump is denying the inevitable. I don’t accept that premise because the accusers have been shown to be repeatedly dishonest and wrong. If Trump is mistaken about voting fraud, then prove it and I’ll admit I was wrong and accept the results of the election. However, I will not accept the pronouncements of the alphabet media, Biden’s puppeteers, Democrats or deep state operatives.

Some say Trump and his 72 million voters should just trust the vote counters. That possibility is gone. I do not accept a Stalin-esque system. I have always accepted the integrity of the voting system. But with non-validated mail-in ballots and questionable computer vote tallying programs, this now has to be proved. Actually, the 2020 voting issue is much bigger than Trump; confidence in the entire voting system hangs in the balance. If the vote of We the People is irrelevant and is allowed to be corrupted by those who count the votes, then our representative republic and democracy are forfeit.

Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Perhaps those who crucified an innocent man were ignorant of the truth and duped by their elitist leaders. We also have been duped. If you think “quid pro Joe” is an honorable man you are sorely mistaken and have been duped.

Trump is no Christ figure. The president is a sinner like me. However, we have been repeatedly lied to, so why should we continue to trust the liars out of some misguided party allegiance or hatred? Ignorance may be a forgivable excuse, but is willful ignorance in this information age defensible?

So, what do we do in our civil war? There is a wonderful line in the movie Apollo 13 when all seemed lost. The Ed Harris character playing the NASA mission operations director Gene Kranz said “Work the problem. Failure is not an option.” And against all odds they saved the crew. And we must thoroughly investigate the 2020 election fraud allegations and save our country.

In a recent sermon the minister advised us to “Feed the Lamb and starve the beast.” Though he was referring to Christ as the lamb, there is an old Cherokee Indian story called The Wolves Within which makes the same point. It is important to actively work for justice by feeding the good in each of us and starve the bad (hatred) because the “wolf” we feed is the one who will win control of our soul.