Worst, Most Wasteful Appropriations Bill


By John J. Duncan Jr.



Last week I wrote about the shameful way the last Congress ended its session by passing one of the worst, most wasteful omnibus appropriations bills in U.S. history.

One of the worst parts was giving hundreds of millions of dollars to several countries in the Middle East to strengthen their borders. This was bad enough because we are so deeply in debt, it is spending money that we do not have.

But what made it even worse was language in the bill prohibiting spending by our border control agencies to buy new technology to strengthen our own borders.

The mainstream media has covered up our problems at the southern borders for the last couple of years, but the problem has become so huge that now even the liberal newspapers and networks have been forced to report it.

People have been flooding into the U.S. from about 150 countries around the world, coming here by the millions, and if we don’t start enforcing our borders, there will be many millions more.

I read one report that said almost half the people in the world have to get by on $4.00 or less per day, and that over 75% have to get by on $10.00 or less each day.

You certainly cannot blame poor people in other countries for wanting to come here, and no other country even comes close to the U.S. in doing things for people from other nations.

But it has often been said that if you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country. And if we don’t soon start enforcing our borders, this country will be destroyed from within.

With such severe poverty around the world and a worldwide population of eight billion people, it is probably a very conservative estimate to say that there may be several hundred million who would come here in the next few years if we simply open our borders.

Several years ago, editorial cartoonist Charlie Daniel drew a cartoon for the Knoxville News-Sentinel showing a man sitting at home reading a newspaper with a headline saying Americans hired illegals to do work they don’t want to do. Then the cartoon showed a little boy bringing a little Hispanic boy into school, saying he had hired Juan to do his homework.

I really laughed at that cartoon, but it is not a laughing matter today. Look at the mess in El Paso where the Democrat mayor has declared a state of emergency.

The mayor of Denver, hundreds of miles from the border, says it has stretched city services to the limit. The new mayor of New York City says immigrants will cost his city one-billion dollars annually.

Our entire infrastructure – our schools, hospitals, jails, sewers, roads, utilities – just cannot handle a massive rapid influx of people from all over the world.

Until now illegal immigrants have been doing most of our unpleasant jobs. However, if our borders remain as open as they are now, it will not be very long before they start taking jobs that even spoiled, lazy U.S. citizens would want.

In addition, we are losing 100,000 young Americans every year – 300 a day – to overdoses of fentanyl and other illegal and/or dangerous drugs coming across our southern borders.

The Biden Administration has been great for the Mexican drug cartel, but very bad for this country.

The leaders of the Democratic Party realize that their party has become mostly black and brown.

They don’t seem to care if U.S. cities are destroyed as long as they stay in control at the national level.

Their refusal to enforce our immigration laws is entirely political. They are desperate to stay in power and believe that most of these illegal immigrants will vote for Democrats, legally or illegally.

After a few years, however, they may be surprised. Most hard-working immigrants will someday get tired of voting for a welfare state.