By Mike Steely

We’re fortunate that our area has several original structures built by early settlers. We’ve got places like the Nicholas Gibbs homestead, Blount Mansion, the Swan Pond home of the Ramsey family,  and many more. Within the Knoxville area there are also some still standing or restored small cabins of settlers worth a visit.

Two nearby historic homes are both on the same road but, as the saying goes, you can’t get there from here.

Between Solway and Claxton just inside Anderson County are two homes worth a visit. Both the homes are on Old Edgemoor Lane. Old Edgemoor Road once ran across what is now Melton Hill Lake and on the other side of the lake is the David Hall cabin. In order to visit both old homes you have to backtrack and get back on “new” Edgemoor Road, which is also Sate Highway 170, and cross the lake.

The J.B. Jones House was built about 1920 and was taken and used by the Army during the Manhatten Project and the creation of Oak Ridge. The homestead is now owned by the Anderson County School System and used for various events. It’s near the Haw Ridge Park.

Haw Ridge Park has 28 miles of hiking, biking, running and even Nordic skiing trails. It has a Life Development Center that hosts reunions, camping, picnicking, etc.

David Hall’s cabin dates back to 1700. Hall was one of the original founders of Anderson County and his home is at 830 Old Edgemoor Lane just off Highway 170 near Claxton and the Bull Run Steam Plant. Hall was a Revolutionary War soldier and a veteran of the Battle of Kings Mountain. For his service as a soldier and spy he was allotted 428 acres. After he married Obedience the Halls had eleven children. His brother, Samuel, settled in Claxton and later moved out west.

Hall built and operated an inn and tavern there and created a peach and apple orchard. During the Civil War the homestead was used by the Confederate Army.

The easiest way to visit either house is to take Clinton Highway to Claxton and turn left on Highway 170. Both houses are south of Highway 170.

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