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Voters Favor Ratings For Books For Parental Use

By Focus Staff
This week’s Knoxville Focus poll asked voters, “In your opinion, other than textbooks, should Knox County Schools implement a ratings system for all books similar to the ratings system for music and movies?”
Voters were divided on the question, with just over 55% saying they believe the school system should implement a ratings system.  Still, there were significant areas were voters believed a rating system should not be put into place.
The First District was not supportive of a ratings system with just over 52% saying they didn’t think the school system should implement a ratings system.
The Second District, which like the First, is entirely within the City of Knoxville, reversed the results in the First District with almost 55% saying they believe a ratings system should be put in place.
The Third District flipped the results again, with over 53% saying they did not believe the school system should implement a ratings system.  Inside the Fourth District, which includes Sequoia Hills, more than 56% believe a ratings system is needed.  The Fifth District, which includes the Town of Farragut, also narrowly supports the concept with just over 53% of voters saying there should be a rating system.
The Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Districts, posted heavy majorities for a ratings system.  The Seventh and Eighth Districts were almost identical with over 67% of voters believing a ratings system is needed.
The margin in the Ninth District, which is South Knoxville, was slightly lower with 58% of voters favoring a ratings system.
Slightly more women than men favored the idea of a ratings system.
Currently music, movies and video games carrying ratings as to how mature the theme of the subject matter is as a parental guide.

Please click here to view the full survey results.

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