Harry Tindell Launches Candidacy for Knoxville City Council, 4th District

Former Knoxville State Representative Harry Tindell, age 56, announces his intention to seek the 4th district seat on the Knoxville City Council in the upcoming election. He currently lives in the Alice Bell / Spring Hill community and is self-employed in the insurance business.


Tindell, who is a life-long resident of Knoxville, was twice elected to the Knox County School Board before serving 11 terms in the state house.


Tindell says, “I have lived most of my life on one side of Broadway or the other.  I have been honored to serve parts of central, north and east Knoxville in the past, and I will bring the experience and knowledge I have gained to the city council if elected.”


The election in November will bring five new faces to the city council, and in 2019 the remaining four council seats and the Mayor will be replaced due to term limits.


“In recent years, we have made tremendous progress in the quality of life and the economic vitality of our community. It will be important to have new city council members with varied experience in this period of change,” said Tindell.


Tindell added, “I look forward to making my case to the voters that I can bring the vision, knowledge and passion to the office that will build on our success and to continue moving Knoxville forward, while redoubling our efforts to strengthen our neighborhoods and communities.”


“I look forward to hearing from the voters of the 4th district and from across Knoxville as we work together to build upon our success in making Knoxville a great place to live, work and to raise a family,” Tindell concluded.


Harry Tindell can be reached at harrytindell4knoxville@gmail.com

and on Facebook.