Adam Thompson running for District 8 Commission Seat

By Ken Lay

Adam Thompson is running for Knox County Commission. He’s thought of throwing his hat in the ring in the past.

But now, he said that the time is right to run for office.

“I’ve contemplated running before, but with Richie (Beeler) not running for re-election, and not having an incumbent now is the right time,” said Thompson, a lifelong resident of District 8. “I’m running to give the people of District 8 and the people in Knox County, in general, a voice.”

Thompson is one of four candidates seeking to replace Beeler. He’s opposing Republicans D. J. Corcoran and Kara Daley. Democrat Charles Chandler is also bidding for the District 8 seat on the commission.

Thompson is a graduate of Gibbs High School and a sixth-generation farmer in Corryton. He attended the University of Tennessee, where he earned a degree in Animal Science.

District 8 is the largest district geographically in Knox County and includes voting precincts in deep North, Northeast and East Knox County.

“District 8 is unique. It’s the largest in Knox County,” said Thompson, 42, who attended Corryton Elementary School and Holston Middle School. “The people have a ‘can-do’ attitude and they look after their own.

“We’re concerned about a lot of the same issues. We can be rivals on a Friday night, but we also come together.”

If elected, he will prioritize the land use issue and noted that as development expands, in the area, it must be responsible and respectful.

“Land use is the No. 1 and No. 2 issue. We have a lot of rural undeveloped land and we’re next to the county line, so we’re about as deep in the county as you can get,” Thompson said. “Development has to be responsible and respectful to the community.”

Knox County is growing exponentially and Thompson views that as a positive, but said land must be protected in some instances, saying that land must be respected and some things that the district has had for years must stay in place.

“We need to think about the people who are already here, and we want the people who are coming to enjoy those same things that we already enjoy,” he said.

He also noted that the district features several businesses and industries that are unseen.

“We have a lot of industry here that a lot of people don’t see,” Thompson said. “We may not have as many brick and mortar businesses, but we have a lot of industry.”

Thompson also said that support of education and law enforcement will be priorities for him.

“I’m not running for school board, I’m running for county commission,” he said. “But I’ll see that we have a responsible budget,” he said.

Thompson noted that many educators and law enforcement personnel live in the district.

“I know people in law enforcement. They are my neighbors and my friends,” he said. “They’re the people that you have dinner with and they’re the people that you see in church on Sunday morning.

“Our educators in our schools, like our law enforcement officers, also live here.”