By Focus staff

This week’s Knoxville Focus poll asked likely voters the question, “At this time, do you approve or disapprove of the job performance of President Obama?”

Almost 64% of respondents disapprove of the President’s job performance.

President Obama scored well inside the First District.  Almost 67% of voters in the First District approve of the President’s performance in office.

Voters in the Ninth District, which is South Knoxville, were evenly divided, 50% – 50%.

The rest of the districts in Knoxville and Knox County disapproved of the President’s job performance.  The Eighth District, which is East and Northeast Knox County, gave the President the lowest job performance rating of any district, with almost 79% disapproving of Obama’s performance.

The recent scandals seem not to have affected opinion significantly, as Obama lost Knox County during the last election by a wide margin.

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